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OK please help My symptoms are

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  • Posted By: katie12345
  • February 13, 2009
  • 00:49 AM

Ok so i'm 14fem i'm like 5'6 -5'5 and way like 115 -120. I have adhd and am taking adderal 4 it.

i have been getting dizzy
getting headaches
sharp pain on/in idk my stomache
swollen limphnode on the top of my head

and earlier today right befor i got my stomache pain i got like a like 1 5 second like jolt of pain on the left side of my right aarm and then like a minute later the stomach pain started

So for the past like a year and a half i have been having like head aches but the last like couple months maybe like 4 months they have been worse.and its not like in the same spot either someimes its the front,back,side and stuff.also i for like the past 2 months i have had a ive had a limphnode i think thats what it is on the left siide on the top of my head and it will like go away and then come back.and i have bean getting headaches around there.
and like i have always like you know how if you get up to fast and you get a head rush well sometimes i get them even when i get out of a chair slowly that happens to me i have to grab on to something and i get sort of shakey and my vision gets blurred sometimes i lose vision completly and it goes black and sometimes it is sort of blurry.And like when i was like 7 or 8 i actually got dizzy fainted and then then like woke up like 7 secs later on the floor so my dad took me to the doctor i don't remember what they said it wasn't anything bad it was prolly because i had like low iron or something then like early january i faint for the first time since then and like i got up and i was walking and got dizzy so i grabed like the door hinge and a corner of a wall connected to the wind and i just fell fainted and my mom saw me fall i hit my mouth on the window seal and like busted my lip open and then i like woke up on the ground like tears running down my face on the floor and i dont even remember actually falling but i was bleeding and stuff
( i sorta thought it was funny when it stopped hurting)
but anyway i recently today in the morning got like this sharp pain it wasnt unbearable but it hurt you know and it was like my stomache on my right side of my belly button(haha belly button) the pain was like a inch down and an inch to my right. and it hurt more when i coughed

oh and if it hepls my mom smokes

OHH and this doesnt really have anything to do with it but is there any pills i can take for procrastination cuz i do it pretty badly ( i get bad grades if you know what i mean)

someone please help

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  • First, I don't think there are any pills you can take for procrastination. If there were, I'd certainly be the first to ask for a prescription! Maybe if you go into chemistry (since you obviously won't be an English major) you can be the one to invent them.Anyway, regarding your headaches, they are listed as a side effect of Adderall--so, depending on their severity, it could be as simple as that. I took Adderall when I was in high school, and I remember it had some nasty side effects. Also, what is your blood pressure? I suspect that a low BP can cause the dizzy black-out spells you're experiencing. If that is the case, a low BP might have an underlying cause that should be investigated. Then again, it might not--it could just be the way you're built. Have you always had that problem, or is it recent?Your description of abdominal pain is a bit vague. Which side of your abdomen is it? If you have persistent abdominal pain, get it checked out. It could be anything, from gas to appendicitis. You do NOT mess around with abdominal pain. Finally, on the lymph nodes--they say that a normal lymph node is less than 1 cm, although a reactive node could grow much larger. How big is the lump you are feeling? I can feel some of the nodes on my neck if I hunt around for them. The largest is about the size of a pea or a lentil bean. If what you are feeling is in fact a node, and it is coming and going, it is likely that the node is reacting to something. Lots of things cause nodes to react: infections , cuts, pimples, etc. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Still, the next time you feel it, you should point it out to you doctor. S/he will feel it for certain qualities (texture, mobility, firmness) and will be able to tell if it is a normal or reactive node.
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    • February 13, 2009
    • 08:09 AM
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