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OK! I am tired ya'll

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 21, 2007
  • 05:02 PM

All I can say is that I am tired of being tired ya'll.

My symptoms started right after I returned my vacation trip to the Dominican Republic in Feb 2007. I have had numerous HIV test, even as late as yesterday. They have all come back negative. Negative for the rest of the STD panel. Negative for Hep panel and Hep C. Thyroid work came back fine. These are the hundreds of symptoms I have been experiencing.

1. sore neck. At first is was only on the right side. Now it is on both sides.
2. A weird sensation (pressure spreading across my head)
3. sinus problems.
4. Tingling sensation and pens an needles sensation all over my body.
5. irritable bowel syndrom.
6. pain sensation in both ears.
7. I am begin to experience pain around eye sockets.
8 fatigue in left arm. Sometime the fatigue extend to the right arm.
9. Difficult consentrating.
10. slight discomfort around my chest.
11. Now my jaw feels very sensative.
12. my body is beginning to itch in the upper torso.

I want to call my doctor, but I do not know what to say to him anymore. I tried as best I can to describe all my symptoms. He is trying the best he can. I think he has a problem relating because he is from India and he says we american born are immune to everything so when one little bug hits, its like the end of the world. I do agree somewhat, but I also know my body.

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  • A lot of your problems might be coming from your sinuses. That said, that doesn't explain your stiff neck and fatigue. These might originate from a viral infection or post viral fatigue.
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  • It seems that you have a thyroid problem. I have a few of your symptoms, plus ohers:1. tingling2. numbness3. poor concentration4. sore neck5. headache6. head preasurre7. muscle twitching8. cramps9. itching10. insomnia11. hair loss12. schoking sensation13. frecuent sinus14. depression15. carpal tunnelI`ve high thyroid antibodies and two nodules. The thyoid regulates almost everything so affects every organ and system. Check TSH, free T-3, free T-4, antimicromosomal antibodies and antithyroglobuline. Also request a thyroid sonogram.Good luck and good health...
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  • Thanks Kenn for the response. I keep hearing that since it has been 16 weeks since my last potential risk, that I am considered conclusive negative for HIV. Do you think I can be seroconverting? You did mention a possible virus infection. I did slip down my hardwood steps four weeks back. I hit my butt, back, neck and head as I slid down the steps. The soreness in my neck comes and goes for a few minutes. All these symptoms seem to somehow be associated with my stomach. Thanks, pisces1970
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  • Thanks Aidza,By chance, are you HIV positive? From your name, I am just curious.
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  • Aidza Thanks for your reply! My GP supposedly had blood work drawn twice to check my thyroid. By chance, would you happened to be HIV+? I was curious because of your username.
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  • I think if they didn't find any antibodies after more than about 3 months, then they would conclude that you would not be HIV positive. I understand that is likely to be correct, unless there is a possibility of you having contracted it from someone from West Africa (where Type O is possible and false negatives are more frequent). It sounds like you might be getting over concerned about HIV. It could be almost any type of virus causing the problem. A lot of your symptoms might be unrelated (e.g. sinuses). It does sound like you might have damaged your back/ neck in your fall though and you perhaps should get that checked out.
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  • To me, it sounds like your neck and arm symptoms are related. Your sinus problems, eye pain, headaches, digestive problems, fatigue, and ear pain may also related. Sinusitis can cause extreme fatigue. Consider that you may also have candida overload, which can cause your symptoms...sinusitis is often fungal in nature, which helps to explain why antibiotics don't always help with this. Do you have nasal discharge and nasal congestion? If yes, What is the color of your nasal discharge? Are you male or female? When you say irritable bowel - do you have mostly constipation, or loose stools or do they alternate? Best wishesDOM
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  • have you conisdered chronic fatigue immune dysfunction? Your symptoms fit. It has symptoms similar to AIDS without the HIV.MC
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  • No I have not. Is there a test for chronic fatigue immune? It is curable? Why do you say this? You are scaring me!!!!!!
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  • stiff neck and pain behind eye and above eye are signs of menengitis. Alot of those other symptoms could be coming from secondary illlnesses that came from the origional viral infection. Definately need a screen, dye test and scan (to check for aneurisym.) With all that blood work one would think that menengitis would have been ruled out but one never knows.
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  • Chronic fatigue is the same as post viral fatigue. There are no tests for it and you reach a diagnosis by ruling out everything else. You probably haven't been ill long enough yet to have a diagnosis of chronic fatigue (I think 6 months is the normal minimum).
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  • As far as the blood tests, much is done in way of immunology testing.First, a patient with ME/CFS may have increased number of cytotoxic t-cells.most patients have t-cell activationlow natural killer cell numbersmay be depleted of Stat-1, however, there is no commercial testing available for this.elevated immune complexesabnormal atypical lymphocyte countsignificantly reduced CD8 supressor cellsPopulation and increased activation marker (CD38, HLA-DR) on CD8 cellsAbnormal CD4/CD8 ratioelevations of circulating cytokinesImmunologic defeciencies(most often IgG1 and IgG3)Evidence of antilamin antibodies(antibodies against this protein are proof of autoimmunity and damage to brain cellsESR rate unusually low with a brief period of elevationInsulin levels and glucose tolerance test-glucose tolerance curves are abnormalchemical Stress test or exercising testing is also used.Patients may also haveShortness of breath upon exertionNodular Thyroidnasal passage obstruction and inflammed areas around tonsillar pillars and unusual sensitivity of cervical vertabrae area.I hope this clarifies some questions for you. 6 months is ridiculous for criteria to be met...if you are tired and sick, you are tired and sick. This disease is exploding. You are not alone. There are many here already diagnosed with CFS. I am just one.Be Well and Best of luck...mommy cat
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  • Mommy Cat, I think the idea of six months is so that attention is not drawn away from other possible causes. It is not a criterion for determining that you are ill. If you treat another condition as if it were chronic fatigue, then you may as well not treat the patient. All you have listed have been noted in chronic fatigue sufferers, but it is important to note that they are not tests for chronic fatigue and that chronic fatigue sufferers may not have all or indeed any of these.
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  • Is this like a distance relative to HIV. I assume is transmitted via sexual encounters? Is there anything I can do to help alleviate some of discomfort? I notice when I eat sweets, it affects me more than any other type of food. I am beginning to freak out.
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  • Wellcome back, hope you found the cause!
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  • No it is not a distant relative of HIV, which has a distinct viral cause, and it is not transmitted by sex. Nobody really knows what causes it, although there are lots of theories. You shouldn't assume you have it on conjecture and it is up to a doctor to rule out other possible causes. It can take months for a virus to work out of your system and that is why chronic fatigue is usually not suggested as a diagnosis for six months. I don't see any point in trying to treat it if it is not a confirmed diagnosis and the route to a fast recovery might be different. When you say sweets make you feel worse, what do you mean? Also, are you suffering from insomnia and are do you feel excessively tired (and I mean excessively tired)? If not, then it is unlikely to be chronic fatigue syndrome.
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  • Well, I am not excessively tired. If I had to describe it accurately, I would say I feel a laziness type of sensation. Although I live a very active life. It's like I know something is going on. It has affected my drive to want to do anything. Sometimes, it feels like a something is crawling around my stomach and my groin. I get this funny feeling like I am going to get the runs or that it wants to crawl out my backside through my anus. Sorry of being so graphic. I could not go to sleep last night. I want to thank you for calming my nerves. LOL!
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  • hey pisces...has your doctor or gastrointranologist ruled out intestinal parasites?
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  • Given that these symptoms occured after traveling out of the country, you may want to look into Toxoplasmosis. It is a parasitic infection that is quite prevalent on a world scale and the infection is not unusual to the dominican rep. One of many symptoms include one-sided weakness. Best of luck!
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  • Pisces,Have you had a full stool culture test done to rule out parasites, candida, and other bacterial problems? I would suggest doing this as it can rule these things out. I still think it is worthwhile to look into candida - it can cause the lethargy feeling you are describing, as well as the sinus problems and the anal itching. I am not saying it is causing ALL of your symptoms, but am suggesting it may be a contributing factor. No matter what this is, your intestines sound like they are not functioning properly, and this can cause you to have impaired immunity. I suggest a good quality probiotic to help rebuild your intestinal flora with beneficial bacteria. Lastly, consider trying a more holistic doc to help you - they are often better able to look at the whole picture and treat the whole body. Best wishesDOM
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