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Odd Symptoms, can anyone help?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 3, 2008
  • 08:31 PM

Lately I've been having very odd symptoms. When I say 'lately' I mean about a month. It has started to interfere with my life and I need help but I can't seem to find anything that matches up.

- Ear pain. This was the first thing I noticed. I don't hear ringing but I do feel small pain in my ears. It can sometimes be very painful. However, I had ear infections before and know that this is not an ear infection. There is no sensation of liquid in the ear.

- Sloppy writing. If I am not absolutely concentrating my writing is incomprehensible. If I am not paying attention then the sentences are jumbled, sloppy, and make no sense. I am not dyslexic and have never had this problem before.

- Speech difficulty. I keep forgetting words and I have to talk slowly now, otherwise I come across as strange. I have trouble remembering how to say words and when I do say something it comes out wrong. This happens to a lot of people but I mean this is every day and started to become frequent.

- Typing. My fingers don't hit some keys hard enough any more. I have to press down distinctively. I've also become very weak physically.

- Frequent urination. I go at least five to six times a day, where normal for me is two times a day.

- Tingling sensation. In my hands and up my arms I always feel a weird sensation, as if they are starting to fall asleep.

- Loss of appetite. I am rarely hungry any more. If I'm hungry and I eat, then I get full after two to three bites. This in contrast to me always being hungry.

- I always feel feverish and used to feel cold, but now I don't feel the cold much any more.

I have considered Diabetes but I wonder if there is another thing that could be it?

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  • I highly doubt it's a brain tumor. I would think symptoms would get more severe, though talking has begun to get more and more difficult lately. I just can't remember the words. I keep going 'umm' and such all the time. For electrosensitivity...I won't rule it out but again, I find it unlikely, mostly because it shares the same symptoms as most hard-to-diagnose illnesses. I haven't been using my cell phone lately either but I am on my lap top a lot. I mean, maybe it's just stress taking its toll on me, but I know my body and I know that none of this is normal.
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  • It sounds like you might need to see a neurologist who will help get to the root of your symptoms (hopefully). Have you seen anyone yet for them?
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  • It would be pretty rare, but would explain alot of the symptoms: limbic encephalitis due to a pelvic tumor. Symptoms would include confusion, memory loss, personality change, feverish feeling. Frequent urination and feeling of fullness from a pelvic mass, depending on what organ it could be pressing on?
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  • Not yet. Originally I thought myself paranoid or that I was just getting stressed. But now I have my medical insurance card renewed so I'll see if the nearest hospital can take it.
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  • These symptoms can be for a whole lot of reasons. Definetly worth getting it checked out.
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