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odd sensation of right side of body

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  • Posted By: lauska
  • February 26, 2009
  • 01:12 PM

Last Jan I was at my desk working and when I got up my right leg felt funny as though it had fallen asleep. I tried to walk it off yet the sensation did not go away. I went to the hospital where they performed a cat scan and had a neurologist check me out for a possible stoke.
Needless to say they determined I did not have a stoke. Next I had MRI's done of my brain, cervical, thoracic, an lumbar spine, had a lumbar puncture done to rule out MS. I been put in the hospital on steroids which by the way did nothing for my symptoms they only made the rest of me feel bad. I had am EMG which did not reveal anything either. It feels as though there is a rubberband inside my leg pulling when I bend my knee. I have recently developed a great deal of stiffness especially from my ankle to knee. I also cannot cross bend my leg when putting on shoes. My right hand is also affected but only the ring finger and pinky fingers as well as underdside of my arm. I am so frustrated does anyone have any suggustions?

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  • You are not alone in the world with this problem. I've had basically the same thing for nearly 3 years now. The only difference is that I have it on the left side of my body in the left arm and leg and severe pain in the left shoulder. I've had all the same tests as you have had which have totally boggled all the top neurologists in the country. They say they have never seen it before where all the tests come back as "normal!". As far as the tests are concerned I am as healthy as a trout. But it can't be the case as I don't feel too healthy. I have severely deteriorated since it started. The other side of my body is now starting to go the same way as I am trying to keep the pressure off the left hand side. I have total numbness and weakness in my arm and leg. I can't sleep, lie down or sit or even stand in comfort. They have now stopped doing any more tests on me and told me its not life-threatening anyway and I'll just have to live with it. Which really isn't good enough and anyway how do they know its not life-threatening if they don't know what it is!:mad::mad: I'm not going to let them give up on me. I'm going to keep pushing for more test until they tell me what is wrong with me. I'm sorry I know this doesn't help you but I would hope that if you get any diagnosis or hint of what it could be that maybe you might pass it on to me as it may help me too. As I will pass on any I may get in the future to you.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 26, 2009
    • 08:54 PM
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  • Hi to both of you I do have the same symptoms, and I now have a disgnosis of chronic lyme disease. Am treated and everything is getting better. You must see a lyme literate doctor to get the good tests (standard is not accurate) and have proper treatment. Go seek a doctor in ''lymenet'' Lyme is ''thought'' to be a small disease, it is a ***l! Worst with the time. I can well understand people who don't, I would never have think that bacterias in a tick could do this, but it does. Got a multiple diagnosis last year, and fibromyalgia. Dont do it, you can get curred. The bulls eye is present in only 50% cases. Read the attorneys general of connecticut actions against IDSA. Good luck
    Fannou 111 Replies
    • February 28, 2009
    • 00:06 AM
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