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Odd pain issue that acts weird! Please help!!

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  • Posted By: AnonAmus
  • May 5, 2007
  • 03:22 AM

ok, first a little info about me.. I am a 36 year old man with no real medical history and have recently had a DOT physical (and passed fine). doctors say I am healthy and have no heart problems, no drugs in my system, no disease etc. I am a light smoker, but tried quitting for about a year (with no effect). I drink a glass of wine with dinner, but not much more than that. I get quite a bit of excercise and I am in otherwise great health.

The problem I am having (for 5+ years now) is that when I go to bed, and start to fall off to sleep, it feels like someone hit me in the upper left chest with a big club. I will jump and sometimes even yell. it feels like my heart had a beat that was about 20 times to powerfull. this has ONLY ever happend when going to sleep. I can lay down for hours and nothing, but when I start to go to sleep, wham! it hits. Now, it does not always do it, so it is always a surprise.

It does not seem to matter what I eat (or don't eat), what I do, or don't do, lots of work or rest has no effect etc etc. I even quit smoking for over a year thinking maybe it was a lung / heart thing irritated by smoking. (no effect).

This has been happening for years now, (5-7 at least) and does not seem to ever get worse or better. I would go to a doctor, but all they ever tell me is it is indigestion.. they are wrong. I have tried all forms of antiacid and stomach pills .. again no effect. in fact, I have tried almost ALL over the counter medications in different doses and mixtures.. no effect. I can lay on my back, stomach, sides - no effect. sometimes it does it no matter what I am doing.

I have searched 100s of "diagnose your health problem" sites and nothing. So, if anyone out there thinks they know what the _blank_ is wrong with me, please make it known so I can persue proper treatment. It is getting VERY annoying and effects my sleep adversly.

Thanks alot for any help!


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  • Ive been getting that too, only for like the past few days. it scares the _blank_ out of me cuz i think im having a heart attack or something. like you it only happens right when im falling asleep no other time.
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