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Odd nuero and other symptoms...

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  • Posted By: fishingaddict
  • March 17, 2010
  • 07:01 PM

Ok, I'll try to keep it as short as possible (but it won't be), but I've been having very odd things going on.

I'm 37 years old and very fit.

November: Noticed my right eye was dry. Right eye has, for the most part, remained dry since.

Also noticed what looked like hemoragic splintering in the right side of my mouth, and little white dots on the upper right side of the upper salivary gland. Went to an ENT, he said it was just inflammed, no big deal (I used to be a dipper and was worried)- but the little bumps are still there today. Later, right side of my face developed an odd sort of bell's palsy, no weakness, just felt like elmer's glue dried on the right side of my face. It progessed across my face over a week, to my ear and right side of my palate over a week or so. The last couple of days my right ear turned hot and red, which it still does from time to time.

Some time in december, my right sinus began to leak clear fluid and continues to do so, sometimes making me hoarse.

December- Herniated a disk- 1 cm right side at L5/S1. At the time I did not know it was a herniation. My right leg got cold feeling and a little numb feeling. The numbness would shift all over, all the way up to right above my illiac crest. A tremor developed in my adductors. One day I had a "glove like feeling" in my thumb and two ajoining fingers, and the right side of my neck was tight. Then I developed the bell's palsy like thing again on the right side of my face.

This time, when the bells palsy developed to my ear, it not only got hot, but I had a day with tinnitus, a day with sensitivity to sound, a day with vertigo, a day with a plugged up feeling in my estation tubes, and a day with a hung over feeling. I developed very hard chills in the mornings and had a general feeling of malise. One night I woke up in the middle of the night feeling very bad, with a feeling of electric current in the right side of my skull. I took a hot shower and felt better, but developed very bad chills agian. I also developed some muscle twitching that was over my entire body. I then developed early muscle fatigue in my quads- which is now gone. Some of these symptoms don't add up to the nerve root that had the problem (adductor tremor, thigh weakness, illiac crest numbness).

I also had tenderness over (not in) the right IS joint, which persists today and is getting worse.
I had an MRI of the brain C spine to make sure it was not MS. Brain was normal, Cspine showed DDD on C5-7 with a bone spur on C6 (perhaps causing the glove feeling in my hand). Lumbar MRI was ordered, and that's when we found the l5/s1 herniation.

Leg symptoms went away with physical therapy.

About a week after my leg symptoms resolved, I noticed I had a hard time pronoucing some words. This has continued, and sometimes it seems like I lisp a little, and other times that goes away and I have a hard time with words that are associated with moving the back of my tongue. When I point my tongue out, the tip points to the right. I also noticed that the muscle in the right side of my spine is always feeling tight and weak.

Also, I am having minor weakness in my forearm, an I feel like I have lost some strength in my shoulder stability muscles, as when I throw a football it pops and hurts, which it has never done (again, I am an avid fitness buff and it should not be happening)

About two weeks later, I noticed food felt like it was getting stuck on the right side of my esophagas. If I drink a carbonated drink, I can feel it bubble for a moment in the top of my thoat. If I create negative pressure in my throat, I can sometimes feel the stuck food slide upwards. I fear ALS with all the muscle twitches I have been having and weakness, but from what I understand, it does not affect your esphogus. Plus all my symptoms are on one side, which would be extremely rare for ALS. (A swallow study was done to confirm it was not happening in the larynx/pharynx).

Tension in the right side of my neck still persists and has spread to the right trapius. Weakness has been noticed on the right side of the back allowing my scapla to wing out, and it fatigues early if exercised.

I have a sporadic mild cramping of my right forearm and right calf. Right thumb muscle is easily fatigued.

I have tenderness in my right thumb joint, as well as my right achilles tendon. My achilles has bothered me in the past from the wrong shoes during training, but not just on one side.

The right side of my face will get cramped if I read over 30 minutes to my children, and the right side of my tounge feels cramped after as well.

I have weakness in the right side of my upper lip, it will not "draw up" like the other side as well.

I now have a little hemoragic splintering in my LEFT hand (one under nail, two in the end of the digits) that just developed. I just checked my hands again, it looks like I may have a couple in my right hand, but they are not as obvious as the other ones I have, the others are just skin discoloration of some sort.

Nuerologist noted I had "the smoothest tounge he had ever seen"

At this point, I assume my right disk herniation was caused by my weakened erector spineas muscle- I'm assuming it's weak because of the cramps and sorness that I am getting there.

Still having muscle twitches all over my body, even in tounge from time to time. Twitches range from almost a tremor, to small twitches, to twitches that can make a whole finger move.

Last night while watching a movie- where the screen was where I needed to look to the side, my right eye muscles seemed achy.

Sometimes my right hand and foot feel colder than the left.

From time to time my right forearm and calf will feel a little cramped. When I am on my feet alot, the right side of my leg will hurt like it is over worked, and the bottom of my feet (muscles) will ache like I have been on my feet for days. I can't run any more because my back hurts too much.

Test done so far: ANA, Lyme titer, thyroid, sed rate, Vit B12 and folate,ENT has had a look at my throat (modified barium swallow study to follow)- all normal. The foliate was off the charts, but the vit b12 was on the low side of normal.

Anyone have any ideas?


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  • Oh, by the way, when all of this started our rental house (we were only going to be in the area for a short time) flooded. I did a mold test and there is a good deal of mold in the house. I have since (last week) moved out and put a contract on another home.I don't know if all of this can be caused by mold, but I'm not taking any chances.
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