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numbness, tiredness, memory problems, ect

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  • Posted By: Minerva
  • August 7, 2007
  • 08:08 AM

I am 29 and have lately had a hard time speaking. sometimes I have to focus on the way I move my mouth to talk or I think "right" and say "left". I am also having problems with my memory, I can't remember things I did the day before or some conversations I have the same day I have them ( I'm not sure if I say something or just thought about saying it.) I forget what I am doing sometimes. I also have a hard time hearing sometimes, like people are mumbling. I am tired most of the time, I do wake up alot at night because of pain in my legs and arms. I did have episode one night with numbness (like the feeling I had from the stadol during child birth) that started in my right foot and in less than an hour had crept up my body and down my throat, but only on the right side. I went to the hospital and just as the numbness stopped I had an explosive headach on the left side of my head) I was told it was a Atypical Migrane, but I have never had more than light headaches before or since. any ideas?

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  • Did they run any tests?
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  • They did not run any tests and now I don't know what kind of doctor to see. I don't usually go to the doctor.
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  • No, and I also have developed a constant shaking in my hands, it gets really bad if i'm upset or haven't eaten in awhile.
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  • Here are symptoms of CFS/ME....yours are highlighted in red.... Sore throat, chills, sweats, low body temperature, low grade fever, lymphadenopathy, muscle weakness (or paralysis), muscle pain, muscle twitches or spasms, gelling of the joints, hypoglycaemia, hair loss, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, chest pain, cardiac arrhythmia, resting tachycardia, orthostatic tachycardia, orthostatic fainting or faintness, circulatory problems, opthalmoplegia, eye pain, photophobia, blurred vision, wavy visual field, and other visual and neurological disturbances, hyperacuity, tinnitus, alcohol intolerance, gastrointestinal and digestive disturbances, allergies and sensitivities to many previously well-tolerated foods, drug sensitivities, stroke-like episodes, nystagmus, difficulty swallowing, weight changes, paresthesias, polyneuropathy, proprioception difficulties, myoclonus, temporal lobe and other types of seizures, an inability to maintain consciousness for more than short periods at a time, confusion, disorientation, spatial disorientation, disequilibrium, breathing difficulties, emotional lability, sleep disorders; sleep paralysis, fragmented sleep, difficulty initiating sleep, lack of deep-stage sleep and/or a disrupted circadian rhythm. Neurocognitive dysfunction may include cognitive, motor and perceptual disturbances. Cognitive dysfunction may be pronounced and may include; difficulty or an inability to speak (or understand speech), difficulty or an inability to read or write or to do basic mathematics, difficulty with simultaneous processing, poor concentration, difficulty with sequencing and problems with memory including; difficulty making new memories, difficulty recalling formed memories and difficulties with visual and verbal recall, migraines, numbness, fatigue. The best advice I can give, no matter what the "diagnosis" turns out to be is to find NAET/Bioset therapy locally. I've had 5 treatments already and I am 80% better with my symptoms. The world calls this illness ME....the USA calls it CFS...it is the same disease...even though some will tell you it isn't....The name has been changed recently from CFS to ME/CFS. It can get confusing. Wishing you well....mommy cat
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  • I think seeing a neurologist would be your best bet. I'd imagine s/he will order brain scans. You mentioned the headache being on the left and numbness on the right side of your body. Given that the left brain is responsible for sensation and pain of your right body I am pretty certain there is a correlation. If you are right handed there is ~90% chance that speech and language is controlled by your left brain. Furthermore, stretching or irritation of the meninges can cause a sudden severe headache. Please go see a doctor asap! It is hard to believe that a migraine could cause problems with memory or speech. Furthermore, time may be of essence if there is bleeding or infection. I'm wishing you the best!!
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  • Ditto, go see a neurologist right away! Tell the scheduler that you have aphasia (problems with the right word), problems understanding/hearing someone else's speech, numbness and intense headache. Start a journal of your problems. Go to the ER if it becomes worse.
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  • Yes, a neurologist was the one to determine my CFS after ruling out anything "neurological" on my MRI. There was nothing noted on the MRI to indicate a "neurological" disease....just symptoms of CFS which mimick many other diseases.Find NAET/Bioset therapy locally. No matter what your diagnosis is, it will help you get back on track....be well...mommy cat
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  • I'm sorry to resurrect an old thread but I have symptoms very simmilar to the ones of the original poster and I can't get a diagnosis.There's no way to contact a poster directly, right? Thanks!
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  • Thanks blaze but I don't think that doesn't fit my symptoms.Replying again:I saw a neurologist a week ago: Got an EEG done it's ok. I told the doctor my case and he said that he can't see anything wrong from the point of view of a neurologist. He said it might be the results of a long time depression.The thing is I've been taking antidrepressants for a long time but I don't really feel many changes.I've been developing reasoning/thinking (like solving logic problems, difficult problems in general) for about 2.5 years now, two different doctors think it's not a dementia but I just can't think. I really believe it's some sort of "dementia" or some degenerative brain problem.I don't really expect help in a forum but I just feel better after writing this.
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