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  • May 9, 2008
  • 01:45 AM

Starting in November, I noticed that when I ran my feet would go numb and feel like I was almost running on stumps. Then I started to have problems with my knees, feeling like they needed support, just when I was walking and the numbness and tingling started to occuring more frequently just walking from my car to my office. If I ran, or rode a bicycle, or walked in the mall, my feel would go numb and then my fingers would start to tingle as well.

I went to the doctor for it in March, and she ordered blood tests and everything came back normal.

In Mid-April, I went back to the doctor because my entire pelvic area was numb, not just when I walked or did something, active but all the time. And since April 14th, when it started, my feet have also lost much sensation. I don't have to be doing anything...it is a constant numbness.

I have had MRI's and they came back clean. I do have scoliosis, according to the chiropractor I just decided to start seeing because my doctor has failed to diagnose me. I am 29, very healthy and normally very active and eat VERY healthy. My doctor said I am having some sort of neuropathy and she has no idea what is causing it. I have been on Neurontin for week with no improvement.

Ugh. I have no clue what is really wrong with me and MS has been ruled out. Another note: I have Celiac Disease but I have not eaten anything (to my knowledge) with gluten in almost 4 years. What is my deal?:confused:

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  • you should go see a vascular doctor, and then if they don't find something try a neurologist. Is the numbness always there or does it come and go?
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  • I found out that I have Pudendal Neuropathy Entrapment (PNE) and the great thing is that there are doctors that specialize in this. The not so great news is that there are very few doctors that can diagnose and treat this. I live in Southern California and it looks like I will have to travel to Houston or Paris to get treatment...nice, eh? I wonder if my HMO will cover it...ha! :p
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  • I've been numb from my knees to my toes for about 10 years now. I've had two brain and two full spinal MRIs, and the MRIs do not show anything abnormal. I've had a nerve conduction tests in my legs, and that test was also normal. I don't test positive for any autoimmune diseases. About 6 years ago I learned that I was sensitive to wheat and or gluten. I don't know if I have celiac disease, but I definitely can't eat wheat. I went three years on a very strict gluten free diet, and it did not help my numbness. Here's a link for an article that shows a doctor testing patients with undiagnosed neurological symptoms, and learning that 57% of them tested positive to gluten sensitivity: http://www.celiac.com/articles/101/1/Nerve-Disease-and-Celiac-Disease/Page1.html
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