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  • Posted By: not well
  • May 11, 2009
  • 06:53 PM

I changed my diet 1 month ago. eating organic food... and all healthy. 150 oz water daily. i have skin problem on face, now on left/right side of neck. still urinating semi yellow. i am home all day, no physical exertion. i have bowel movement every 3 days.

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  • You need to exercise, to get your metabolism going. Bowel movement every 3 days is not good, it poisons you. Try to go walking every day, walk fast and far. Eat first thing in the morning, to wake up your metabolism.
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  • and you need to drink half of your body weight in water- so according to the amount you drink you must be 300 pounds!Is this true?I weigh around 140ish (or I least I better not weigh more) so I would drink 70 oz or 7 glasses of water a day. You can't be drinking 15 glasses a day.Also is your idea of "healthy" synonymous with sugar free? or lite products?because if you are eating sucralose or Splenda and or Aspartame in diet, sugar free, 0 calorie, lite or even regular foods- get off them fast!Read your labels and ditch the stuff that is artificially flavored!That will really improve the way you feel. If you are not eating those foods and you know because you looked at your product labels, to be sure because they are in gum, vitamins, toothpaste, etc...even those in the health foods stores, then you need to list your symptoms because not feeling well is a bit vague. Fiber will make you have a regular bowel movement- fruits, high fiber breads, whole wheat, Post Grape Nuts (cook it into some oatmeal looking concoction with brown sugar and honey and such until it is soft)Stay away from meats until you go regularly because the meat will ferment in your intestines. You can also do a colon cleanse- something that remedies a big number of issues, even cancers and hemorrhaging from Endometriosis. If you go to www.youngliving.org/gil you can sign up and then buy The Five Day Cleansing KitThe first two days you drink the antioxidant that comes in the kit and all three meals are the high fiber drink you have to prepare from the powder. You also take the omega 3 capsules to ease everything out. (your body is not accustomed to getting that much fiber so the oil helps ease it out)You also drink water of course. ( it comes with specific instructions) Then the third, fourth and fifth day you have one meal with the powder and the rest you can eat what you like as long as they are fruits and veggies ( more fiber) and you keep drinking the antioxidants and taking the omega 3. That will clean you out and probably lose you some weight - All the toxins will come barreling out. And as long as you don't put them back in you're good to go. (but the air and water isn't your fault that they are intoxicating you, actually cause you could be as ecologically minded as you can be but the rest have to comply too or it gets you no where, this is why we should be cleansing at least yearly.) Fasting can cleanse the body too. Miss two meals back to back once a month, that is excellent for your body!And drinking Distilled water for a few days will help get rid of the waste in your body, it draws out all of the metals. But you want some metals (trace minerals) that are good in there so you can't do it forever. About a week or ten days, to get out the heavy metals and petrochemicals.Why did you change your diet?What was wrong?
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