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  • Posted By: cheercoach101
  • November 20, 2009
  • 11:38 PM

Just wanted to share my symptons with everyone so maybe someone can give me some idea's or tell me if they have had anything similar.

Groin Pain:
Its on the left side and I cant accurately describe the pain. I guess it causes discomfort, its dull and achey....i dont know. But it does feel better if I apply a lot of pressure.

Abdominal pain:
- Its upper left side/under rib - dull and achey. Occassionally a sharp pain, hurts when i inhale deeply, makes me feel nauseous, feeling of fullness, I only eat one meal a day coz after a few bites im full.

Weight loss:
I only know this because friends keep saying ive lost weight and my clothes dont fit lol I dont actually own a scale though!

Lymp Nodes:
I've had a swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck for the last year. It's grown a bit in the last 6months or so but its pretty much always been about the size of an m&m. I think i have one above my left collar bone also. Its small and i can feel it but im not sure if its a lymph node or just something else under there lol

I have had 11 infections in 9months including:
- UTI then Kidney infection
- a fungal infection in my right armpit
- Impetigo
- Another fungal? infection on the inside of my nose (had this once last year)
- Yeast infection
- a chest infection

(Cant remember the others right now but will post. ^ those where just the ones i hated/hurt/annoyed me the mostlol)

And have had swine flu...twice! lol

It doesnt take much to make me tired. On a normal day an hour in uni and 4 hours in the library tire me out. On bad days just walking up the stairs makes my body feel like a tonne of bricks. There are times when i sleep hours, wake up for an hour or so then go back to sleep again.

Other than that, im a typical 22year old. I coach cheer, I mentor kids, and i go to uni.

I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 16. I took meds for about 3months then just stuck to eating a healthy diet and avoiding the things that made me feel ill. - i hate pills!

Around june - i think - i was having tummy aches, feeling full, diarrhea etc. My doc took a stool sample but that came up fine.

so yeah....any thoughts welcome.

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  • Hello,Have you looked into any food allergies or intolerances?Have you read up on Candida and seen if that applied at all?Celiacs Disease can cause a lot of degistive upset but Candida as well as food allergies/intolerances can cause a VAST amount of symptoms. Candida causes a lot of fungal infections and digestive upset, food allergies/intolerances can affect everything from your stomach to your mind so those could be possible. What tests have you all had run?and what were there results?Could you give us anymore info to go on? Samantha
    Thursdaysmagic 22 Replies
    • November 23, 2009
    • 02:08 AM
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