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  • Posted By: JMM910
  • August 17, 2007
  • 04:41 PM

I am a 36 year old female.

For about 12 years I have been dealing with intermittent bilatteral breast discharge. My youngest child is 16 years old.
The discharge was sampled and within "normal" ranges, and an MRI 5 years ago showed no pituitary tumor. The guess was that it is just a hormone imbalance.

Nine years ago I had my gall bladder removed due to disease,
A short time later I had frequent bladder infections and possibly Kidney stones. (I had no insurance so the kidney stones were not confirmed)

For the last 6 years I have had intermittent swelling of my thyroid gland, when I had a radioactive thyroid scan it showed all was functioning properly and the Ear nose ad throat specialist told me to "come back if it ever gets worse"..... it never has. I have had a thyroid panel done every 6 months since and it always comes back on the lower end of "normal" but always in the accetable range.

Five years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was on Glucophage/Metformin off and on until 6 months ago.

Two Years ago I had Lap RNY Gastric bypass surgery. My starting weight was 300 lbs, my lowest was 178, and I am currently at 185 (explaination coming)

One year ago I starting having problems with chronic constipation and am now on daily doses of prescription laxatives, just to stay "regular" (daily doses of fiber, increased water, Zelnrom, and stool softeners did NOT help) I had a colonoscopy 3 years ago, so there is no concern of it being colon cancer or the like.

Six months ago I had a hysterectomy because of anenmyosis and scar tissue from previous childbirth and laproscopic surgeries. (I kept one ovary because it showed no signs of disease and the glucophage was stopped)

About six months ago I started having problems with hypoglycemia. (Which I think I may have had for a long time but didn't realise when I was on glucophage for the pcos) As long as I ate every 3-4 hours (something with protien,and low carb) I was ok. Although, I was growing increasingly tired and had hip pain. I went to see my GP who prescribed Effexor and sent me to physical therapy, I was feeling *REALLY* good for about 2 months.

Then, very recently I started having problems with my blood sugar bottoming out with no apparent rhyme or reason.... (I also had a problem with cold intollerance, up until the hypoglycemia started to get bad..... now I get episodes of profuse sweating.) I am exhausted all the time again, I have to eat off schedule when my blood sugar drops and exercise causes it to crash thus the 7 lb weight gain. I get plenty of sleep 8-10 hrs a night, and my nutritional labs (b-12, iron etc) all look awesome.

I had a 4 hour glucose tollerance test.
My fasting blood sugar was 89, after 1/2 hr I was 145, my 1 hour draw was 109, and my two hour draw was 48, so they stopped the test and refered me to an endicronologist.

My questions are these.....

1.) I know that the thyroid and pancreas are both part of the endocrine system but how many of my symptoms could be related to one thing?

2.) What type of problems will an endochronologist look for?

3.) Is there something potentially serious I should prepare myself for?

Thank-you for taking the time to read this whole thing and giving me your opinion.


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