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Not sure if I should be seen....maybe psychosomatic?

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  • Posted By: Steph77
  • February 28, 2012
  • 08:16 PM

I have been very active, a runner and weight training for the past 15 years. I recently (in past few years) started having difficulty breathing. Was dx with asthma, but I really don't feel that was a correct dx. Oral steroids don't seem to help, and my dyspnea is upon inspiration, not expiration as in asthma. I use an inhaler just before running and it seems to help, but I am wondering how much of that is psychological because I have been having a harder and harder time running lately. I am only 34 and usually feel I am very healthy as I have never really had any medical conditions other than migraines. Recently the problem with my breathing seems worse and it also feels like I am not fully expiring all of the residual air that I should be. Almost as if some is trapped. I will occasionally 'force' the extra air out and it feels better for a minute. It often feels somewhat like I am breathing through a narrow tube when inspiring, but nothing to go to the ER about. I have a croupy sounding cough that started many months ago. I have not been sick nor have I had a fever. The cough starts suddenly after I feel a strange sensation in my chest that makes me have to cough suddenly. The 'seal bark' sounds is present the first cough or two, then I feel fine again for a while. This happens every day now. I also have been very fatigued, yet I cannot sleep at night because I feel tightness in my chest when I am lying down. And last but not least, I am 100% positive that I also have Reynaud’s, which is likely related to all of this. My hands and feet will lose circulation in specific areas (like parts of my fingers and hands or 3 of the 5 toes and my heel, etc) if they get even slightly cold. This happens in summer too. It becomes completely numb, painful and then it usually gets to the point where I have to run them under really warm water to get the color to come back. When it does, they turn very blue, like cyanotic colored, for a while, then very bright red. The water is warm, but really stings those areas. I am so confused. I hate the thought of going in to see my doctor yet again (I have recently been in about the sleep issue and "asthma" in unrelated visits) and having him think I am hysterical or something. I know my body and I know that these subjective symptoms I am having are not normal. I am just hoping someone has had something similar and can give me some advice on which direction to take this in.

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  • I really think that you need an evaluation by a dr! Dont worry what they think there job is to make you better or find someone who can voice your concerns and research as much as you can and ask to be tested for other lung conditions. I would recommend starting a journal with what you eat, how much you sleep, what you are doing, scents you are around, medications, along with any other problems that are happening health wise that day when these episodes happen, that way you have a record of how much it happens and what you do to try and stop or temporarily relieve your symptoms you may even notice a pattern that requires a simple lifestyle change but bottom line it gives the doctor something to go off of not just word of mouth i would even include your mood that day eg. anxious stressed and so on. Hope that helps and I hope you get some answers soon!
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