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  • Posted By: cheesesquid
  • August 18, 2009
  • 08:19 AM

this all started in grade 12 when i could get abdominal pain, wake up in the middle of the night with shooting chest pain and from time to time my arm would tingle, around the same time i had irregular periods so i was checked for polytheistic ovarian disease which came back negative. things slowly calmed down and other then a constant side pain i was doing ok and started collage, in may of 07 i went to the ER because the pain got to bad and after a CT scan was diagnosed with a kidney stone.

at this point i started to loose weight un-intentionality, not fast..but i was not trying to loose weight and my diet got worse.

after the kidney stone things just went down hill! i had 2 episodes lasting 2weeks and 1 month of extreme abdominal pain, nausea and it was so bad i could not get out of bed most of the days. i was sent to an Gastroenteritis which did not really help, other then finding out i have an heart murmur, enlarged spleen and 'fatty' liver.

other GI issues have been, constipation or diarrhea, blood in the stool, gas..etc.

around the same time i started drinking a lot of water, having episodes of mental confusion, so i took an glucose tolerances test which came back normal. i was sent to a endocrinologist which i do not even like to talk about and a neurologist which also did not show much.

since then i have had a few strange episodes, 2 of which i would be fine one moment and then i would feel like i could not stand anymore, would be mentally confused and have nausea, 1 happened after i ate and the other after i took a pill for pain from having my wisdom teeth removed.
the other 2 i had all the symptoms of the first, except i was having issues breathing and had a headache. i had many more that just involved mental confusion and i loose control of my emotions.

this all took place within a 2-3 year time! now i have become light sensitive, i wear sunglasses most places now and i also get sick in the sun light/heat..usually if i go out in the sun for too long i will be in bed all day the next day.

i have been diagnosed with an B12 deficiency, and now eat gluten free and the symptoms are more of less at a level where i can function. the thing is i am 21 and should not even have a B12 deficiency in the first place, my doctor just said a quick like about it being caused by Malabsorption but did not look into it.

i know there is something going on, just none of the symptoms make any sense so my doctors just think it's all in my head. so i don't know maybe -what- it is so obscure no doctor can think of it..or make the connection between every thing.

any advise would be much loved! getting tired of being sick.

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