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Not ibs...please help!!!

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  • Posted By: Collins7209
  • August 2, 2010
  • 07:22 PM

My doctors keep telling me I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but I don't believe that is the correct diagnosis. :confused: Someone please HELP!! Here are my symptoms:

Main symptom is diarrhea. When it happens, it is excruciatingly painful to the point where it always makes me nauseous and sometimes I vomit. I rank it a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale. (My 10 is where the body just cannot handle pain anymore and you faint/pass out...a 9 is where pain is so bad it makes you vomit/nauseous...and an 8 is where you feel like you want to die.) It's timing is unpredictable. I can have it 2 or 3 times a week, or I can go 2-3 weeks without an episode. There is no discernable food or stress pattern. I can have minimal stress and still have an episode. I can eat healthy and it happens, junk food and it happens, spicy food and it happens, bland food and it happens. It even happened once after I had eaten some Ramen Noodles! The only pattern is that it always happens approximately 30 minutes after a meal. But like I said, the contents of the meal can vary greatly and it can still happen. The pain, as I said before is excruciating and debilitating. It comes in waves until all contents of my bowels have been excreted. Usually lasts 30 minutes to an hour. I get sweats and chills. Afterwards, my lower abdomen is very sore for up to two days. I usually only have one episode, then all goes back to normal until it strikes again. Immodium never helps. It always runs it's course until my bowels are empty. I'm scared (absolutely terrified) to eat because I never know which meal is going to set it off. Most mornings I wake up feeling bloated and gassy and crampy, so I almost never eat breakfast because I might have an episode. I don't know if these symptoms are related, but I'm always cold (my thyroid and iron levels are normal), and I'm always tired. I also have severe Enometriosis Stage 4.

Don't know if anyone can help, but if you can, please do!

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  • Does anyone know what this is???
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  • A shot in the dark here... 30 minutes after you eat the contents of your stomach is starting to empty into your small bowel. The acid in your stomach is supposed to "disinfect" any bacteria in your food, and the contents of the small bowel is supposed to be sterile. If you've taken acid blockers or for some reason have low stomach acid, you can get bacteria in your small bowel that will "ferment" when certain foods hit it. This fermentation causes your small bowel to panic and pump/dump its contents into the large bowel very quickly to try to get rid of the fermenting contents. The large bowel doesn't like this and sends the contents through it as fast as possible. This is called SIBO or small bowel bacterial overgrowth. Candida/yeast can also cause havoc in your small bowel. Google around on SIBO and Candida and see which one it seems like you've got. It's difficult to fix both SIBO and Candida (which ever it is), but it can be done. Start following-up on this lead and I think you'll be on the right track.Good Luck and GodSpeed to you.
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  • P.S. You might also wish to look into "Celiac disease" as a possible explanation for your troubles. Syn
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  • It can't be low stomach acid because I frequently have GERD attacks and I just recently began Nexium treatments and the episodes are still happening and unpredictable. In other words, nothing has changed. I also have to amend a previous statement when I said the only pattern is 30 mins after eating. I had an episode early one morning that woke me up from sleep and I hadn't eaten anything in 10+ hrs. So the meal theory is out. I'm starting to think it might be Hereditary Angioedema. Don't know if anyone has heard of it before. Can anyone give me some insight? Thanks
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  • look up Celiac Disease
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  • It can't be low stomach acid because I frequently have GERD attacks and I just recently began Nexium treatments and the episodes are still happening and unpredictable. In other words, nothing has changed. I disagree with what you said there, as low stomach acid (Hypochlorhydria) can also cause GERD, (not just high stomach acid). The theory behind that is the sphincter which controls emptying of the stomach into the duodenum is acid sensitive and it only relaxes when the acidity of the stomach is correct, so when the stomach contracts in order to move food into the duodenum, the food is blocked by the sphincter. The pressure of the stomach increases due to the closed splinter, and the food and stomach acid (which thou it is low acid still is acidic) gets forced into the oesophagus and hence therefore GERD In those with GERD caused by low stomach acid rather then by high stomach acid of cause Nexium wont help (actually it could make the situation worst), as Nexium reduces stomach acid. The treatment of GERD caused by low stomach acid is to increase stomach acid eg cider vinegar is used by some. So you need to work out what your stomach acid is doing.. is it high or low?? What things help will help you to know. (maybe research low stomach acid in case it is your issue seeing the Nexium wasnt working) Nexium is usually quite good if one has too high stomach acid. ..... I get IBS and one time got it so bad that I got floored by the bowel spasms of it.. i was laying there crying almost screaming.. almost passing out in pain, I couldnt stand due to pain (and a doctor had to see me on the floor). IBS bowel spasms can be very painful at times
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  • Hey guys, I have IBS anyway but several months back I had antibiotic induced colitis. My gastrenologist said it can take a few months for the colon to get back to normal. Mine took about 4 months but I had a very severe case.
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