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Not bacterial vaginosis but mystery disease

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 29, 2009
  • 08:41 AM

I’ve had this problem for about eight years and I still can’t get a diagnosis. It began when I was younger and unknown to me at the time. Someone was sharing my bath towels/sponge.. One day I decided to masturbate using one of them. The next day or two I noticed a small red bump on my groin area. I didn’t think anything of it and I thought it was odd but no other symptoms. After about a month or two I noticed.. I guess you could say a tingling sensation and I began to have swelling and itching. It wasn’t a horrible itching but enough to bother me. I went to the doctor twice in my early years and they gave me some medication for bacterial infections. It didn’t help it. Later I spread it to my nose by contact from my groin/vagina area to my nose (not on purpose). I began experiencing very bad itching in my nose and slight rashing around my mouth (hard to see but it itched).My nose itched very badly inside of my nose and a little outside of it. I went back to doctor and all she said it was bacterial vaginosis, so I took the Flagyl. It didn’t do a **** thing. After this event I had it for awhile. I began noticing single bumps( usually fairly large) that would rise up and hurt but not blister or anything. They would just rise up (kinda under the skin) and go back down in the groin area but I would sometimes feel them on the lips of my vagina and they felt the same as other ones (only smaller), just in a different place. I didn’t get them very often. They didn’t seem to stay very long. I would also get them on my anus as well. I went to another doctor and they ran a STD test on me. She said she didn’t see anything. I went to go get tested for herpes (blood test) and it was negative. I went to another doctor, I don’t know what she did. I went to another doctor and I supposedly have bacterial vaginosis again and will be taking Flagyl again. With my symptoms I have also noticed slight small bumps on my bottom eyelid, slight swelling around my mouth (not noticeable),changed smell of my pee, vaginal odor, and discharge. My symptoms are chronic, they don’t really leave. Also if I do not wash my hands with soap (hand sanitizer) I will have swelling on the lips of my mouth(It doesn’t last very long after it does maybe a few hours). It doesn’t happen right away, after a day or two. It took me awhile to correlate because I usually always use soap after going to bathroom but there are occasions where it is not available such as outdoor events, etc. I tried to remedy the problem naturally but using resolve all. The herpes thing but it’s just not for herpes it supposedly get rid of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. I took it exactly how said and even took the booster. It did take down the inflammation quite a bit, odor, itching but it didn’t fully stop and now it seems to be still with me although the itching in my nose is less severe. During the detox I noticed more bumps.. that was it. I have also noticed two of my friends picking up the same nasal symptoms as me whereas before they never had these symptoms and it seems to be constant like myself. I asked some of the doctors about it and just acted like I was making it up. I’m now am very careful with wiping my nose because I fear that is fairly spreadable. I asked the family member that I suspect but they said they didn’t know what I talking about. I really don’t know what to do anymore. I’m treated like I’ve made all of this up and its impossible. While I do feel that yes I could have bacterial vaginosis I believe something else is causing it because the symptoms don’t fit with everything else.

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