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Nose has grown very noticeably

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 23, 2008
  • 05:45 PM

Hi, I am a 26 year old female.
My nose has got enormous in the last year or so, it always had a small bump but now it is very noticeable and the nose itself has grown, probably buy another third in size.
I had a baby 15 months ago and if it was pregnancy related it would have gone down by now. Also it does not seem to be cartilage but bone that is growing.

My face looks distorted, I can't find any cause for it online and my doctor is not very approachable.

please can you give me some idea as to what this might be? Can I get it sorted on the NHS? This is not vanity although it does make me look very unattractive. I am worried it might be a symptom of a tumour or somesuch.

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  • ARe you sure it's just your nose.. or do your whole facial features seem to be coarsening too?? I can think of one condition which can cause somoones nose to grow big but one would have other issues going on as well with it..other body places enlarging and a coarsing (troll like look) going on too (which may not be evident at first..but obviously your nose is evident..so i'd think you would of noticed other things changing too if it was medical condition im thinking of.. so i dont think it's probably that?). im no doctor but i'd think if it was a tumour..that your nose would be like being deformed.. rather than staying in a regular shape but just enlarging.
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  • i just went and found some info on the condition i was thinking about .. Acromegaly (thought i may as well post it anyway.. maybe someone else out there is having problems with a big nose and other symptoms as well) ...... but as is said i dont think it's this as you didnt mention any other symptoms..but i guess the nose may be what some, esp a female may notice first?? Signs and symptomsOne of the most common signs of acromegaly is enlarged hands and feet. People with this disorder often notice that they can no longer put on rings that used to fit, and that their shoe size has progressively increased. Acromegaly may also cause you to experience gradual changes in the shape of your face, such as a protruding lower jaw and brow, an enlarged nose, thickened lips, and wider spacing between your teeth. Acromegaly usually develops slowly, and even your family members may not initially notice the gradual physical changes that occur with this disorder. Sometimes, people notice the condition only by comparing old photographs. Acromegaly most commonly affects adults in their early twenties, and can result in severe disfigurement, serious complicating conditions, and premature death if unchecked. Because of its insidious pathogenesis and slow progression, the disease is hard to diagnose in the early stages and is frequently missed for many years, when changes in external features, especially of the face, become noticeable.
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  • A thyroid problem is a likely cause. You should ask your doctor to run tests for you. Hypothyroidism can change the way your face looks and your nose may swell. It is also very common to develop hypothyroidism during/after a pregnancy. Wishing you the best... Kiera
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  • Thank you very much for your help! I've had a thyroid function test in the past but will ask for another in relation to this, also I will look into acromegaly, thank you. If there's a diagnosis there has to be hope?!?
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  • The same thing is happening to me, about 2 yrs ago my nose just stated growing to the point that I hate to go out in public,because people stare, and kids laugh at me, I switch my job from day to night shift so I don't have to deal with stares nd humiliations, but my Dr says it might be my thyroid problem am going g to see a nose specialist hopefully I can get help,feeling so depressed,
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  • Hi. I am 47.I have gone through the very same thing. I have cried repeatedly abut this. My nose has grown much larger in about 3 years. The doctor just laughed at me when I would talk abut it. Even my face has changed, cheeks, chin. Hair loss. I went to 4 plastic surgeons over the last year.They think I have mild Rhinophyma. They said they would not touch my nose or face until I knew exactly what was going on through my GP and an ENDO and a DERM.I finally went to my 3rd Endocronologist. He was amazing. I had a hysterectomy for cervical cancer 7 weeks ago. They left ovaries but put me on 1mg ESTRACE.When this ENDO did bloodwork last week he found I had no estrogen in my body!He says that i was perimenopausal for 3 years even though my previous tests did not show this. He has put me on HRT stronger Estrogen and Progesterone even though I do not have a uterus. He figures that in 3 months time my face look more feminine again, and nose will def become smaller.We will see.
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    • February 6, 2016
    • 10:44 PM
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