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Non-stop bleeding

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  • Posted By: Doireann
  • April 21, 2009
  • 05:02 AM

I'm 25 years old and I've been having non-stop menstrual bleeding for over 5 months :( and the doctor can't find a cause for it.

My periods were always regular before. They came very month and only lasted 5 days. They were never very heavy, and I never had a single cramp or bloating etc in my life. I've always considered my self very lucky compared to mos women.

Then in summer of 2008 I started getting very slight spotting between my periods, not enough to need a panty liner or anything. I thought it was odd and told my doctor and she said it was "ovulation bleeding" and it was nothing to worry about.

Then my August periods lasted two weeks. I then got what I thought was "ovulation bleeding" but it lasted 2 weeks. I had another 2 week period at the end of September/October. It stopped just before I had went back to the doctor.

She did a range of blood tests and took a smear. They all came back normal.

Then in November I got my period again except it was lighter than normal and a much brighter red (generally it was darker red and clotty), and basically it hasn't stopped at all since.

The doctor referred me to a gyno who did smears, ultrasounds and couldn't find any cause, No fibroids or cysts..

Its mostly brighter red and very little dark red.

The doctors are stumped because I have no pain at all. No cramps, no vaginal pain, no abdominal pain, nothing. No excess hair or weight change/ problems.

I don't even have headaches etc.

I have no other illnesses.

I never had a vaginal infection.

I've never been sexually active (virgin).

Never taken any form of birth control.

Thyroid and other hormone tests are all normal. B12 is normal. They've done so many tests and they're all normal. I have no weight changes and no particular stressful events. I know stress can cause menstrual problems but I don't have a very stressful life.

The reason I'm starting to worry now is in part because I'm getting sick of it and because my iron tests have all been normal but the one I had last week came back lower even though I haven't changed my diet and I eat a lot of iron rich foods and the gyno started asking if I have plans to have children soon since a hysterectomy might be needed.

This really freaked me out since I don't have plans to have children soon (I don't even have a boyfriend). I also won't agree to a hysterectomy unless they I'm literally bleeding to death which I know I'm not.

I am so tired of it though and I need it to stop.:confused:

I have tried acupuncture for it because it helped my with a hand injury I had when I was younger but it hasn't helped with this.

Any ideas?

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