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Nobody knows what's wrong with me and I'm gettin really, really anxious.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 12, 2008
  • 11:24 PM

Um...I'm sixteen, overweight, (my bmi's about 27-28), I don't smoke or drink or anything like that, I wear glasses, I exercise everyday for half an hour and I'm finishing my exams. I went to the doctor and he said it was stress, but I've been stressed before and this has never happened.

I've been having:

-stiffness in my neck when I sit down

-an unpleasant tingling feeling on my skin- at first I thought I had an insect or a hair on me or something. This mainly happens in my face and neck but also my arms.

-I'm tired but I can't really sleep, especially at night. I've been having naps more than anything.

- I get a pain in the side of my head, where the sides of my glasses rest. It's not a proper headache because it only lasts a few seconds but it happens at least once a day and it's really sharp.

-Also I've been getting coloured spots and flashes in the side of my vision. Worse though is how it's sort of...cloudy. Like when a television has noise and goes fuzzy but obviously, no where near as bad or I wouldn't be able to see. But I went to the opticians this April and they didn't see anything when they looked at my eyes, although my perscription increased in the left eye slightly.

I hope I listed everything, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot and please help.

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  • I am not sure but it is possible you may have more than one thing going on... 1. To start you may want to be checked by more than optician. You need to see a medical doctor for the eyes an Ophthalmologist. 2. Some medical conditions can also cause eye problems....let's see your list of symptoms are a. neck stiffness (only when you sit?), any other time?b. tingling on face, neck, arms.....does it feel like pins and needles or more a kind of numbness?c. tired but can't sleep. Is this every night? Do you have anything to eat or drink before bed....maybe two hours or less?d. overweight....does it seem you have gained weight recently? Are you thirsty, are hands or feet seem swollen?e. Think carefully: do you have any other symptoms? For example, dry skin, losing hair, feeling more hunger, fuzzy headed..anything else?d. is there a history in your family of migraine headaches, thryoid problems, diabetes or other chronic type illnesses?e. are you taking birth controll pills? Yes, stress can do a lot of stuff to the body, but stress is not ALWAYS the cause.....hang in there I am sure other on the board will answer as well! Joan
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  • Have them check you for diabetes and run a thyroid scan; tell mom you want a different doctor.
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