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No weight loss 14 months after giving birth

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  • Posted By: laositaboricua
  • November 27, 2007
  • 05:16 PM

Hello there I have a problem and its really bugging me. I've been reading about hypothyroidism and I have alot of the sypmptoms but I am open to any other suggestions that anyone may have. Ok here we go... before I was pregnant I weighed 144 pounds. Then I founf out I was pregnant. I started gaining weight moderately and my doctor liked how much weight I was gaining. Suddenly about a few weeks befor giving birth to my beautiful daughter I had a HUGE amount of weight gain. Now let me tell you a little bit about my pregnancy. I had no cravings (everyone thought I was weird). It was very hard for me to eat because my stomach would hurt. I didn't change my diet and excersize habbits to gain weight. When I had gained the weight and went to the OBGYN she said it was a sudden "growth spurt" the baby was having. I didn't really think anything of it. I thought It was normal. The 1st and 2nd month of my daughters life I was Severely chronically constipated. I would say only 2 bowl movements per month and extreme hemmoroides. All the doctor said was take Dulcolax. It didn't help one bit even with me drinking the 92 ounces of water. Well finally I was shopping in a store for some daily vitamins and ran into fiber therapy. It really helps alot but I still don't have as many bowel movements as Im supposed to. Well anyway to the symptooms I've been having. I now weight 180. I've been trying to lose the weight through diet and excersize but my body wont let me. I also have a smelling disorder which has been bothering me lately because its caused me to eat fewer calories in a day. Well I have been having constant headaches (24/7), I faint alot, Im really tired after I eat, I cant go to sleep at night without taking a sleeping pill, My hands and feet are always swollen, my feet lock up when I stand on my tiptoes, my right leg has cramp in the bag, my period is heavier and last longer, I have shortness of breathe, my eyesight has gotten fuzzy (cannot see things from afar), Dizzines and lightheadedness, not really hungry, and last but not least my ear flutters (tinnitus maybe)

PS Im definitly going to get a test for hypothyroidism because I've heard it can cause infertility if you go without medication or undiagnosed. Im just looking for any other suggestions of what it might be.

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