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no replies? someone must be able to give advice (long post)

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  • Posted By: kimstroz
  • June 2, 2007
  • 10:19 AM

I tried posting this is a few forums, but no one replied....I am beginning to lose hope....

I have some combined symptoms, but the only conclusion my gynecologist(s) come to is endometriosis. Last fall, I began to experience unspecific abdominal pain in the right side (I had been off birth control for 10 months after using it for 12 years). I had ultrasounds and MRI, but nothing showed up other than the pain.

In February, I began to have alternating periods of vaginal dryness, white discharge, lack of discharge and irritation on my labia/clitoris right before my period and then it returned after. I was diagnosised with an unspecific bacterial infection (which was thought to be a yeast infections). The abdominal pain continued, so the doctor prescribed a low dose birth control and suggest laproscopy (which I can't get at the moment because of my insurance). The medication helped a bit, but the problem did not go away. I was given another medication and this did not help. I went to another doctor and she said some of the symptoms might be related to the low dosage of estogen in the pills, so she prescribed Orthrocyclen and suggested I take it continously to alleviate the endometriosis. It helped initially, but I still have alternatining periods of strande discharge and redness along with the constant abdominal pain. I am now on the 2nd month of the pill. Two days a month I seem to be normal with my normal discharge and on these two days, I don't have abdominal pain. I've had smears done, but they come our normal. The abdominal pain and vaginal discomfort seem to be connected, but this does not seem to be normal for endometriosis. I am wary about having surgery and not having the problem solved. Any ideas or people with similar symptoms?

It is really beginning to affect my life because I get depressed over the pain

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  • Good Day, I am a guy so the only advice that I can offer you is to go onto Google, type in your symptoms and wait for the answers there. For 14 months my doctor wasted my money trying to cure my problem without success. I then went to Google and a Homeopath and between them, solved my problem....Good Luck...PS. On Google type in "Natural Hormone Supplements" and see what they say. You may find some answers there.
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  • I'm afraid your symptoms are consistent with endo, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endometriosis .. For extra help (and a different approach) try a traditional Chinese therapist, see www.acufinder.com to locate one. The wikipedia link contains this: "Endometriosis is thought to be an auto-immune condition and if the immune system is compromised with a food intolerance, then removing that food from the diet can, in some people, have an effect. Common intolerances in people with endometriosis are wheat and dairy." Visit www.naet.com for a NAET therapist, and also consider homeopathy.Louise Hay says endo comes from insecurity, disappointment and frustration, also from blaming others - not feeling desirable, powerful and fulfilled as a woman. Insulting as she appears to be, I have learned (the hard way) to take her seriously. I can now start and stop my alarming malfunctions (not endo) at will, some 3 days after maintaining certain viewpoints. Friends have also learned that what ulimately helped them with various diseases was to "be" in a way that turned off their illness. At the very least, it will assist you in getting well. Even allopathic doctors admit that our mental state is part of healing.
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  • The external symptoms seems to be a yeasty thing. Diflucan will re-balance the overgrowth. You might need just two pills, taken a week apart. Whenever I get an antibiotic from any doc, I always ask for a script for the above Diflucan. They are stupidly expensive, but well worth it.
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  • The diflucan will work but I would look further into herbal supplements, probiotics to return the ph back to your mucous membranes
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  • I had the same problem a few years ago. Turned out that in addition to Endo I also has PCOS (poly cystic Ovary syndrom) and stage 4 cervical dysplasia. I did have pain from the endo, but I think the majority was from PCOS. Have your doctor check it out. They missed mine on all the test at first, because it can come and go in levels of intensity.Good LuckSixxi06@aol.com
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  • Dear Kim, Endometriosis is an inflammatory response of your uterus. Abdominal pain, vaginal discharge,dryness,irritation of labia/clitoris before and after period, unspecific bacterial infection(which was probably bacterial vaginosis),and being depressed are symptoms found in people who are suffering from CFS. There is a lot of information in this forum regarding this illness. There is also very helpful information. Traditional medicine is not helping with symptoms of CFS as much as eastern medicine. Curly above gives good advice with the acufinder and Oriental Medicine. Also, NAET or Bioset will help. I attended my first Bioset therapy recently and still can't believe how much it helped. Reiki is also helping with symptoms. The world of modern medicine is changing and if we are to be well again, we are to change with it.
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  • see your doctor, ask about stds. i suspect a yeast infection.there are many other stds out there that have discharge like syphilis. these can kill you. dont worry.. i know how you feel.. i am sick too..call your bestfriend, an uncle or an aunt.. someone who cares.. email me if you need someone to talk toHarristiu@gmail.com -david
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  • hi. it sounds like a yeast infection or some other std. doesnt really matter if youve had intercourse as you may develop anything on your own. consider seeing your doctor and telling her your urgency. i know how you feel, i am worried and scared myself.tell a loved one, someone who cares.. like your bestfriend, an uncle or an aunt or anyone you trust. you will need them during emergency. consider syphilis or other stds. many stds have discharge. some of them can kill you if you dont get treated. email me if you need to talk.i know how much anxiety you are going through. harristiu at gmail dot com -david
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  • hellomy wife had the exact same symptoms as you (except her abdominal pain was nowhere near as severe as yours) for several frustrating years, gyno and docs were not able to help.she fixed it herself thru a change of diet, there were some foods that when removed from her diet immediately stopped all the vaginal symptoms.hope this helps, if you're interested, will provide you with the foods
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  • i have had similar symptons, multiple gyno's couldnt diagnose me. this went on for 4 years till my skin cracked around my vagina every time i had sex. 5 years ago, i had chemotherapy for breast cancer which killed all the good bacteria in my gut. this was causing thrush like symtoms & dry vagina.i finally went to a Naturopath who confimed this & recommended taking a pill called "Probex" made by "metagenics" that you can only get prescribed through a Naturopath. so i took that every morning with a glass of warm water with 1/2 a squeezed lemon half hour before i had breakfast. after 2 months everything has cleared up.i also have minimised yeast producing foods such as oranges, manderines, & products containing gluten.good luck!
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