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No Dx but I'm worried

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 4, 2008
  • 01:31 AM

Hi, I'm a 32 yr old female with an unremarkable medical history. I say unremarkable but I think I've always felt out of sorts. I remember I usually carry around a feeling of being tired. My mom always called it lazyness.

Around 2 yrs ago I started noticing that my throat hurt a lot at the end of the day (I talked on the phone all day so I attributed it to that). It felt more like a muscle ache than a sore throat ache. I don't know if it's related to the series of new symptoms I've been having:

A few months ago I started feeling like I tremor in my hands or neck but when I look at my hands they're not shaking. I've had joint pain in my heels and hands since my early twenties but when I went to a Rheumatologist I was dismissed with a clean blood result for lupus or whatever they check for.

I'm currently going to a neurologist for the following and yet to receive a Dx:

In august of 2007 I had severe aches in my throat, almost like burning and muscle pain combined (again not like a sore throat when you have a cold). I went to an ENT and we tried Nexium and later Aciphex in case it was acid reflux. NO improvement. In early september I was scoped through the nose and was told I had a staph infection for which I took antibiotics. The pain went away which I was excited about but before that was resolved I started having difficulty swallowing sometimes. I was terrified that I started to hyperventilate and think I was going to faint.

The ENT ordered a swallow study in which I was told I had normal function. I also had a CAT scan of my neck which showed I had no growths but the tissue did appear "full".

I was referred to a Neurologist. When I first went I was simply going to "make sure" since I thought the primary issue (the throat pain) had stopped and I was feeling on the mends. There was still the concern of sometimes a delayed swallow reflex. I told him about the 3 occasions I had difficulty eliciting a swallow, the feeling of tremor, and he ordered an MRI suspecting Multiple Sclerosis and thankfully that was ruled out indicating no signs of demyelinazation. My bloodwork also came back negative Myasthenia Gravis.

Unfortunately, the symptoms have gotten worse. I have more "episodes" of not being able to swallow well, I have a feeling of weakness in the back of my throat, numbness in my left arm and leg, sometimes there is pain in my left arm below the elbow on the forearm. Other symptoms have shown up in the last few weeks. I get a sensation of heat on the top of my scalp and feeling like I have no air and I often can't talk because I have insufficient breath support. I am also having trouble articulating words when I'm speaking. It's as if I'm trying to talk at my normal rate but my motor ability isn't as good as it use it.

My Neuro suggested they might be panic attacks due to stress but I don't have palpitations and I don't feel my heart race. I also haven't seen swallowing and speaking issues associated with Panic Attacks. I tried Xanax for 10 days and it did calm me but the symptoms didn't diminish. He also did a nerve conduction test on my arms and came back okay (although it did confirm I have carpal tunnel syndrome, which I suspected from many years of typing).

Today I started feeling an odd sensation around my right eye. Frankly, I'm getting pretty concerned. I've checked the symptom checkers on several websites and the Dx's don't sound too good when they involved difficulty speaking or swallowing.

Anyone have any similar symptoms or ideas????

At this point I just want to know what it is. I would be happy to know they are Panic attacks as I think those would be easier to treat than other more serious neuromuscular or neurological problems.

I'm waiting for results of an MRI of the blood supply and an MRI of the neck to rule out artery problems or pinched nerves.

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