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no diagonsis. please help. ab pain

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  • Posted By: blondie6l
  • July 14, 2008
  • 01:01 AM

im 16 almost 17 and i have had these sharp pains under my rib cage (about an inch under my rib) and along the side of my abs on both right and left side. mostly my left side. its been going on for a few years and no one has ever found out what is wrong. when it happens it usually lasts for the whole day until i can lay down and sleep for a few hours. that usually helps. but still when i get up i no something feels not right. i thought about it being stress but ive been in very stressful situations and it hasnt happened and i think if it was stress it wouldve happened at doctors offices and such. i had an ultrasound done and everything was fine, and i got an upper gi series done. when i got the upper gi test done the doctor had told me that one of my small bowels werent opening up like the others. i dont no if that had to do with my stomach hurting tho. he said it wasnt a bad thing and not a great thing. he tested me for chrons and i dont have it. he said that everything looked pretty normal. my tests came back negative for everything. my stomach pains just come around mostly in the morning and stay throughout the day. i take advil when it starts to hurt and i think it might be helping some. no certain foods cause this either im sure of it.
anybody got any ideas to what is wrong??

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  • could be somethign called spinter odie dysfunction, or gastritis as your Gi doctor to do an ercp test.
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  • Have you tried probiotics? Some people have less effective immune defense in their bowels (I am one of them, it took me years to figure it out).
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  • can you recommend a good tablet form of this?
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  • Blondie, I don't know where in the world you are, but most pharmacies have probiotic capsules. Choose one with diffrent strains, preferably with some kind of Lactobacillus. This should at least help a little. Have they excluded Helicobacter pylori infection?
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  • well i got a bottle of the proibotics. hopefully that will help.and no. no one had ever said anything about that before.but if i had that h. pylori infection wouldn't something come up in my upper gi series? and i had to give stool samples last year and everything had came back fine. so wouldn't something come up and tell the doctors im not fine?
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  • Blondie, I'm not sure what the upper GI series includes. The stool sample should be able to show it, but the doctor must specifically ask for this. I can also be diagnosed through gastroscopy. Have you tried acid reducing medicines?
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  • nope. they never put me on medication because everything appeared normal.
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  • blond 61. did you have an endecope precedure thats where they put the tube down your throat and do biopsies opf your esothugus, stomuch and and parts of your small intestines, h py lori is a conditon that causes peptic ulcers and if left untreated can be deadly, you had an endescope precedure and they didn't find anything y p lori was probalby ruled out dont be affarid to ask questions
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  • Blondie, I think you should use the probiotics for two weeks to evaluate (maximum dosage according to recommendations). I'll keep an eye on your thread, so please post your feed back.Good luck, honey!
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  • no, i have never had that endoscope thing done. im going back to the gastrologist in a few months so who knows maybe she will say to have that done. (i hope not tho. too scary) andi just took one of the proibotics stuff today hopefully that will help.im so tired of my stomach hurting at random times!like during vacation it hurt a few times. urg. and with school coming up i hope it doesn't start hurting like it did last year. thanks for all the help tho guys. :-)
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