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No diagnosis yet for symptoms of heart palpitations, cough and fatigue.

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  • Posted By: Sachelle
  • December 27, 2011
  • 00:58 PM

Hi I am writing on behalf of my 28yr old Male partner who is presenting with the following symptoms. Sporatic occurences of heart palpitations (these particular palpitations feel as though the heart skips a beat and are very noticable, and may also be felt whist feeling his pulse as literally a beat missing), this then causes a catchy feeling in his throat and causes him to cough every time it happens. The occurences can last anywhere from a 1 off, to a few in one day to several on each day over 1-2 wks, and during these times he is extremely fatigued. Then it seems to disappear for a couple of weeks until it comes back again. He has been having these symptoms over about 5 months, has seen several doctors who have yet to come up with a defined diagnosis. He has had a heart ultrasound which showed to be normal, he has worn a ECG monitor for 24hrs, but unfortunately had no occurences during this time and therefore it also came back normal. He is very worried about it and desn't feel 'right'. My cousin who is 9 is also showing similar signs, minus the cough, but has also yet to have a confirmed diagnosis. We live in a high mosquito area, and I had wondered if perhaps a mosquito born illness could cause such symptoms, as my cousin and my partner see each other very infrequently but live in the same area.
I would really appreciate any ideas and information you could give me. He has also had a thyroid test and cholesterol test, all coming back normal. Oh and one last thing, when he is having an episode it gets worse when he lays down, and excercise doesnt seem to effect it.

Thanks very much, Sachelle

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  • This seems to be a typical symptomatic arrhythmia which most everyone walking has. The feeli g of skipping g beats are usually a Premature Vebtricular Contraction. Or better know as a PVC. Also, could be couplet or run of PVC or runs of PVCs or V Tach. More commo. Is premature Atrial. Contraction (PAC) All of these are very normal and everyone gets them with the exception that some are symptomatic while others do t even know they have them. They are typically benign and do t cause problems. A rarer but more serious of the above conditions is runs of VTach, AFib or A Flutter. The cause of the cough when he lies Down. If its related to heart is a PVC or PAC in which it stimulates the cough reflex. Ironically that is one of the quick treatments to make them go away a hard couple of coughs. I k ow u have had a holter. monitor but if they come and go u may ask for a 30 Day holter which if he has them at least monthly could catch it. Some ways to stop the symptoms could be to cut off of caffeen, alcohol and illegal drugs if he takes them and some scripts can do it too. Nicotine e is a culprit as well. Exercise regularly. I'm sure it could be something more serious but what I have explained is the most common cause and symptoms. Hope it helps
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    • January 11, 2012
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