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No Diagnosis any ideas please?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 21, 2007
  • 01:01 AM

My abnormal blood test results:
ANA- 1107
EBV ab vca igG-2089
ebv acute infection antibodies- 185
EBV nuclear antigenab,igG-872
WBC-3.2 last month, this month it went down to 3.1
boderline low platelets didn't get the number will when I speak to Dr
Amylase- 131
alt- it's 50 now but it was 97 a few months ago
sjogrens anti ss-a- 993
sjogrens Anti-ss-b- 449

Does anyone have a clue. I am always tired I can not take this anymore! I am also tired of going to Drs and not getting an answer. The main thing that concerns me right now is the low wbc. I will talk to Dr tomorrow to see what should be done.

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  • please check into symtoms of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis also...chronic Fatigue syndrome..they are similar/same disease I am currently being tested lab results are hard to determine if you just enter results...try listing ranges too...will be able to determine high/low or high end..low end ect... what are your symptoms?? please read last 5 pages of "It's a mystery until we solve it" there you will find hundreds with odd symptoms...many with lab results they can't figure out I'm here and Best of Luck...mommy cat
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  • Thanks for the reply. My other symptoms are: I am extremely tired all the timeheadachescan't concentrate at timeshives- use to get them all the time now I get them sometimesitchy skin especially my legssore throat occasionallylately I have been experiencing palpitationsnervouseness at times -I get shakey like as if I din't eat all daystomach crampsAll my test results listed above were on the high side except my wbc and platelets.ANA- 1105 should be 0-99EBV ab vca IgG 2089 should be 0-99EBV Acute infection antibodies 185 should be 0-99EBV Nuclear Antigen Ab IgG 872 should be 0-99ALT 50 was 97 a couple of months ago should be 0-40Amylase serum 131 should be 0-99sjogrens Anti-SS-A 993 should be 0-99sjogrens Anti-SS-B 449 should be 0-99wbc 3.1 should be 4.0-10.5Oh and I forgot to mention I have high cholesterol 285(range should be 100-199) my LDL was 212 (range should be 0-99).I will be talking to the Dr today I will see what he says. I'm thinking I should see a hematologist. Please if anyone has similar problems or suggestions what this might be write back. I am very frustrated!Thanks
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  • tiredheadachescan't concentratehives/itchingsore throat palpitationsshaky/nervousnessabdominal cramps Acute Infectious Anibodies 185 with (0-99) scalelow white blood countHigh Cholesterol All ME/CFS symptoms Please research symptoms of these twofind out what kinds of testing they do for it...SPECT scan/PET scan/MRI of brain...lots of immune bloodwork also low Potassiumabnormal atypical lymphocyte countI only know these because I have them this info will help, I hope. A Neurologist would be a good place to startTake copies of any previous work you've had and inform him of any prior misdiagnosis so they don't take you down the same path twice Best to you...mommy cat
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  • Thanks I will look into it. I always get copies of my lab results this way I can give it to the next Dr so they see it on paper. I like to have it so I can compare with recent results. Didn't get a hold of the Dr today hopefully tomorrow to see what needs to be done. Thanks for the response.
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  • please keep in mind, in this country, docs refer to it as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. ME was removed from the diagnostic codes list for a while. I just read an article that said the USA re-added it to the list summer 2006. Noone seems to kknow why but we have bigger fish to fry right now. DO NOT let your doc send you to psychiatrist...so many here are being sent and many have possible ME/CFS syndrome. If you read many of the posts, you'll see many have been already to psychiatrists, are taking meds and some are just being accused of being hypochondriacs. Understandably so at times...so many seemingly unrelated symptoms..many complaints. When patients have seen all kinds of docs, specialists, had a slew of tests and noone can figure them out...they chalk it up as phych...The psychiatrists in this country have done their part to get it labled as a mental disorder...even though it is viral. I wanted to share that so you can save yourself a lot of trouble. If your doc doesn't listen...go on to one that does. I fired mine after 5 years, countless tests, travelling all over the place for testing and the fact he wouldn't listen to me. Took info to new doc. He didn't need convincing. I took my "medical file" (my own copies of every test I've ever had) and had printed out pages of symptoms. I have over 70 ME symptoms...which sounds ridiculous, but is true. I also took 2 pages I printed with info on how to test for it. The first diagnosis he wrote was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...without any test results yet, he knew and so do I. After all the web searching, tests and so on...this is the only disease that fits all of my sx...and symptoms don't lieHave a great day and Best of Luck...I hope I have helped you mommy cat:)
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