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  • Posted By: jennmommi
  • July 29, 2008
  • 06:45 PM

I am a 28 yr old female. Mom of three children age 6 and 4 (twins).
The beginning of February this year I woke up one morning feeling fatigued, stiff, sore, and my right shoulder blade was in excruciating pain, I was coughing a dry cough and had sinus infection and UTI. I also began having migraines on one side of my head (the right side) almost constantly.

I had been going to the gym 3-4 tims a week and suddenly could not even walk across the room without having shortness of breath. I was also having chest pains (angina). I immediately went to the Primary care Physician and found that I developed high blood pressure and a high resting pulse rate. This was practically over night, I had been to the Dr for my yearly exam about a month before this and my BP, pulse and everything was normal. Went through 2 rounds of antibiotic, 10 days of pain meds, and was put on a beta-blocker for the BP/heart rate.

My SED rate and CRP are elevated as well as my ASO titre levels. I have some RF, but it was not high enough to suspect Rheumatoid Arthritis even though I have many symptoms of it including systemic inflammation. The joint pain is symmetrical, my fingers, wrists, knees and ankles are all affected. It has progressed to the point where I can not even open a shampoo or button a blouse, even gripping this is hard and I drop things constantly.

Lupus was negative, Diabetes was negative, Fibromyalgia was negative, RA was negative, Thyroid was negative. My EKG had negative precordial T-waves and I see a cardiologist next week for a consultation.

Dr thinks it is some kind of rheumatic disease but no clue which one.
I am miserable, it is getting worse, and I have been to 4 Dr.s who all said different things one said it was "all in my head" one said I needed to "exercise and lose weight," my PCP is trying to help, but just isn't sure what this is. I feel like I am dying, and can't do anything about it. I went from being very active to barely able to make it through the day and can't play with the kids or exercise at all.

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  • I am not going to proport to have a curall. You have three children that can cause fatigue :), You also appeared to have a very bad upper respiratory infection and sinus infection, along with coughs. Anxiety and coughs could raise your BP. Don't know about the other stuff not my area. I realize the doctor gave you antibiotics. There are many published medical papers out there for doctors also telling them that many sinus infections may be viral or fungus. The the antibiotics will just allow it to sit and wallow in its place. An extremely bad sinus infections can become systemic and make you hurt all over been there for years. I thought I had gone to cruel and heartless ENT when he told me to do the following. Since sinus cavities don't have many blood vessels getting to them and it is hard to get medications up in them it takes time to get rid of one that thinks it has found a neat home. 1. First either find you one of those facial steamers if you want to be fancy. use and breath in to open sinuses. Or boil water in pan. Take off burner, Sit with towel over head and pan and breath in steam from heated water to open sinuses. 2. Flush sinus with salt water. He told me 1 teaspoon of salt with each cup of water. Now when first started, sinuses it was so raw, I had to back down. The easiest way to flush sinuses you won't believe. Buy a WaterPik. Do NOT buy any sonic any thing. you are not out to blow your eyeballs or brains out. Fill reservoir with the warm salt water. Turn the setting to the LOWEST, NEVER HIGHER setting, put into nose and work tip into sinus cavity, flush sinuses. Yes you will not believe what will come out when you do both sides. I have also used one of those neti things from health food store. Did not do as well. Have been using the WaterPik system for over 15 years and gone through four of the. 3. As the doctor said, which I thought was cruel. It took about six weeks to get ahold of the problem. But, once I got rid of the problem. I do maintenance care, and don't have recurring sinus infections any more --which can set in anytime you use antibiotics. Yeastie beasties always like warm dark places. 4. Before I did this, I had been going to doctors for 5 years trying to fix my head swelling on the left side, along with headaches and pain. Getting rid of the fungal stuff helped the body heal. 5. Since your body may be stressed out candida, may want to look at a anti candida diet for a while. I don't remember it off the top of my head right now. You may want to ask doctor about nistantin. Google and use wronge diagnosis to read about candida, fungal and sinus infections and body aches. 6. Also, I will do my blaze thing. Black cherry juice (drink about a quart a day) will help detox your joint aches. But may not clear the problem. I wish you the best of luck and hope that it is this simple and nothing more serious. I know the waterpik sounds crazy. I thought the ENT had lost his ever lovin mind. But it worked. And no body had ever been able to get rid of my sinus infections. He told me he was putting ownership of the problem back in my hands. I did not need to keep seeing him. He had more serious problems to focus on. Go figure, an honest caring doctor -- heck he was doing more surgeries. :p
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  • I do not have the sinus infection anymore, that was back in February, and after antibiotics it got better. Dr thinks the multiple system infections (urinary tract, sinus, ear) are because I have a possible autoimmune disease. The ENT said there was nothing he could do for me because I had no ENT symptoms (except stopped up ears) when he saw me, I had no infections at that time. I use a Netti Pot and when I feel sinus headache/pressure coming on I ward it off with the saline rinse. I also have a steam inhaler thing that I use if I get an infection or a cold. I have not had any other sinus infection since February, just post nasal drip issues which I attribute to allergies.
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