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no appetite

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  • Posted By: moonraven
  • March 12, 2007
  • 01:22 AM

my son was born in 2003, prematurely to my daughter...i adopted him and have been raising him since birth.
even in the hospital before his weight had increased to the 5 lbs they deemed he must weigh before being released, the nurses had a hard time with feedings.
he wouldn't wake up to eat, and couldn't seem to suckle. they nasogas tubed him to help the situation. when i took him home 10 days after he was born, he wouldn't wake up to eat, or for any other reason for that matter. when i woke him to eat he couldn't seem to suckle, so i began to drip formula into his mouth. as painstakingly slow as this was, he never seemed to have an appetite and often i had to do it very carefully while he was slumbering.
he has many other issues since then, including gastric ulcers and multiple polyps of the colon. but through all his medical history, one thing has held since birth...no appetite.
he has sustained a lower end height and weight ratio, but mostly due to the use of 'pediasure' supplements to the tune of 4 eight oz bottles or more per day. he does seem to get thirsty usually so this method has worked
now at almost 4 years old he still must be coaxed, wheedled, or threatened into eating. and last month he even quit drinking anything after a week of decreased bowels occurring one small effort per three days.
these bowels became lighter and lighter grey during the week, then one day he couldn't keep down his pediasure, tho he only vomitted the drink up once. he simply wouldn't drink. and the next day he wouldn't even drink water. that night he woke me up to clean up his bed saying he had vomitted and when i did i couldn't help but notice that the matter upon his bed looked and smelled more like diarhea than vomit; dark reddish brown and exceedingly malodorous. no fever, he hadn't even acted sick.
when he woke the next morning he had a tiny bowel movement which was white! later that day we went to the hospital because he'd become very dehydrated and for three days he was barely conscious in the hospital being rehydrated.
my question in all of this is that tho i know he does have the multiple polyps (more than 10 and many being formed) and that ulcers will lessen the appetite, he has lacked an appetite since he was born,so unless he was born with the polyps and ulcers something else seems to be going on.
i actually logged onto this site in order to search databanks for diseases that have the symptom of 'no appetite.
answers? anyone?

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