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No Answers No where 9 mos. of searching and about to give up.

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  • Posted By: timberswife
  • April 23, 2009
  • 04:34 PM

Hello anyone who reads this. i have been so scared and sick for 9 mos. now. Husband does not know what to do, I wish he would fight the drs. with me, I feel so alone. Back in Aug of 2008 we went on vacation to bannack montana n twins falls. now i was feeling abit fatigue before we left, so i'm sure i was getting sick before, we slept in a teepee with carpet in MT. woke up next day with bites all over me n son. In twin falls I got bitten bye a bunch of misqitoes, came home felt really bad, went to work that monday talked to co worker she said i needed to see doc. Went to dr. found i had severe kidney infection, told doc about sensitivities to meds. said ok. gave me levaquin, first pill less than 5 mins. i was wired n feeling crazy. Started having all the typical reactions to this drug when u are allergic. Even went to ER the next day as i was really sick. told that dr about sensitivities to antibiotics, gave me keflex 500 mg 4x day. I weighed at that time about 115 pounds. I took the meds n seemed to do ok. right after meds were done my body mind n soul went crazy. Went back to doc. she gave me the meds again thinking they hadn't worked. My body got tore up inside, gastritis, vaginitis, colitis, I had to see and have an endoscope, more meds. have had priloc, zantac, omprazole, predizone, Twilight sleep, and a few more drugs, i have reacted to them all they are the rare side effects or allergic reactions . i now react to advil n tylenol, I am in a constant state of anxiety. i have numbness i have no salivia, swollen lymph in neck n chest for 8 mos. now, body has electric charges where i have a cell phone on vibrate. i had to go to chiroprator to loosen up my muscles they were inflammed, the zantac made my throat swell up, i have been to a nueroligist, endocrine dr, allergist who refuses to test me, now my dr. demands it. heart dr, they have found from all my test that i have high calcuim but no high pth. not sure parathyroidism or what. athersolis of the aoerta, degenerative lumbar spine with a scoliosis. the meds. it what scare me the most, i get so sick the muscle pains the bone pains the i don't know from these drs. has left me high n dry with no answers, i feel at times i am dying. my family has alot of cancer father n sister brain, bro. non hodgkin intestinal b-cell another MS n cervical n ovarian cancer, i have had mri ct n tons of blood work, all fine except for what i have stated. i live in utah, n if there is any dr here that can help let me know, i am slowly feeling better, but have really bad days n anxiety gets the best of me as i am trying to find the aswers n to protect myself from further complications as i need to have scans with dye for lymphoma n parathyroid. one brother died from the dyes. they brought him back from death. my father died from drug reactions n sepis he beat the cancer, so it is family history, and i know i have passed it on to 2 of my daughters and a granddaughter, it has gotten worse with each generation the reactions are happening sooner, i cry all the time now because my world has changed so much, the fear of the unknown n the legacy i have past on the termoil my daughters will go thru and the even death from this, that is how severe this is, i usually need a antibiotic every 18 months to 2 years, i react to everyone now, i am running out of time. so if anyone knows anything that could help me please go for it. I am not crazy, i am not nuts, i am frustrated beyond coping with out answers n without understanding. i have read so much it is confusing now. so again thanks if u have any ideas. timber

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