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  • Posted By: GD2005
  • May 5, 2008
  • 04:14 PM

Hi Everyone,

I wrote in a few weeks ago in regards to symptoms I had been having roughly two years (post: "Just Anxiety?").

Since my last post, I have developed new symptoms which I am not sure if they relate or not and would appreciate any feedback as to what my new symptoms could be.

My new symptoms are as follows:
1. Low-grade fever for 3 weeks
2. Painless, swollen lymph node in neck (not sure for how long)
3. Painless, swollen tonsil (only one and not sure for how long)
4. Random capillaries are breaking all over my body so I have a bunch of little red dots with more appearing each day
5. Fatigue
6. Night sweats

1. CBC was normal
2. TB was negative
3. Thyroid ultrasound was normal

I truly appreciate your time and feedback!

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  • What were your blood results for the thryoid? TSH, FT4, FT3? And I forgot...are you female? Joan
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  • can you find your old post and put the link to it here for us? so we have more idea of what has already been said to you etc. (i currently dont remember at all what your old symptoms were.. or if i replied) Is the fatigue worst post exertionally? does that trigger off symptoms more?
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  • Thank you both for your responses. In regards to your questions, here were my previously listed symptoms: - Involuntary movements: Head shaking back and forth (like I'm saying "no") for 5-10 seconds; legs and arms jerking out randomly; and knees buckling - Difficulty seeing at night (especially while driving) - Difficulty staying asleep - Irritability - Footcramps (arch) - Dry skin- Frequent bloating and burping - Tired and nauseous after eating- Bruising and scarring easily - Brief, involuntary abdominal contractions that cuts off my air when I'm in a hot shower (feels like someone punching me in the stomach) I am a female. My TSH was .56, FT4 was .68, and I don't see an FT3 result. The fatigue gets increasingly worse throughout the day. I'm functional until about noon then pretty worthless in terms of being productive. The fever also steadily increases throughout the day. Surprisingly my symptoms listed in "Just Anxiety?" (with the exception of dry skin) have dramatically decreased since the fever started. Also, I do not use drugs and I have discontinued recently prescribed medication to rule out the possibility of a medicine-induced fever. Thank you for your feedback!
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  • If I were you I would go to an endocrinologist or pituitary specialist. Your thryoid results look suspect. The FT4 is quite low and a TSH is low as well you may be looking at secondary hypothyroidism , which is pituitary involvement. But, If I were you I would repeat thyroid labs (FT4, FT3, TSH) -- You may also want to get adrenal hormones tested as well as ANAs tested and thryoid antibodies tests (TPO, antithyroglubulin). With autoimmune hypo like Hashimotos for example, your TSH can frequently move and you can also have a false TSH reading. If still same the pattern, you may then want get an endocrine evaluation for pituitary disorders. This would include complete pituitary hormone assessment and an MRI of the brain/pituitary. For pituitary disorders, I would recommend someone who specialist in pituitary problems....as pituitary disorders and MRI assement can be difficult. Joan
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  • Hi Joan, Thanks so much for your feedback! I really appreciate your help. I have had a brain MRI done before and they did not find anything unusual. I will definitely speak to my GP about my results. Can hypothyroidism cause swollen lymph nodes and tonsils? Thank you again!
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  • well, I edited my post so read again :rolleyes:. Well, for me when I was hypo, I did have trouble with swollen gland in my neck...I also had a weird swelling on the inside of my arm just below where I bend at the elbow...felt like a gland...never did really ask doctor about it but it had that swollen gland kind of feeling...don't know if there is a glad there or not! :) On the MRI,,,it is extremely difficult to see tumors of the pituitary...even the specialist in this are cannot find them sometimes and they can be very, very small...and for some folks even a very tiny one can cause problems...only surgery can find out for sure...I have heard...but cross that bridge when you get to it. Meanwhile , May need another MRI to specifically view the pituitary gland and apparently there as specific ways and types of MRI tests they need to do...you can research pituitary testing more to find this information. I hope you get your answers and will be feeling better soon! Joan
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  • Thanks again Joan! I really appreciate your feedback. I'm probably just being paranoid, but is there any chance these symptoms could be something like lymphoma?
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  • You know I don't really know anything about that but I am inclined to think not...I generally think most people get the typical things (which most thyroid thyroid conditons are though the pituitary one is not as common, but the Hashimotos is) as opposed to the rarer things.... Are your glands swollen under your arms as well? If you are worried why don't you have some blood work and see an oncologist.....I am not a doctor so I won't venture a definate answer on that! (but if it were me I would look for more typical conditions and test for that before the rare ones)...with the thryoid numbers you had, however, do get retested at least..... For the swollen gland part you may have more than on thing going on....it could be allergy...I had never had allergies in my life (I think this also came around the time of the thryiod problem..but not sure of the connection) and I got swollen glands and a cough and dripping into my throat...didn't really have classic allergy symptoms so went to the doc and he said allergies and gave me a pill to dry it all up and it worked....perhaps I became more susceptible to allergy once the thryoid problem started...at least in my case! Do you have any other symptoms? Seems to me you may want to take a closer look at the throat area...specialist? Even though the tonsils are not painful seems strange that they are swollen...I wonder if allergies may cause this type of swelling as well....allergies in my case caused swollen lymph gland in neck, perhaps in your case tonsils are involved too? I wonder if ears, nose and throat specialist or allergy doc might be a choice? ALSO for me (I am so lucky) hormonal problems often (usually around the time of my period) would cause the swollen glands....I also often got canka sore and feel awful...like I had a cold sometimes and man, this would go on for about two weeks or so....Joan
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  • i really dont have much clue what could be wrong but was just thinking.. due to the frequant bloating and tired and nauseaus after eatting.. maybe your issues or some of it, could be food related. Food allergy or food intollerance or a vitamin deficiency????? I know myself with my food intollerances.. that I get flu like symptoms due to it.. so it is possible that ones glands could go up.... My food intollerances cause tiredness and nausea after eatting if i eat things I've got sensitivities too. (Doctors arent good at testing for food sensitivities). I know celiac disease can cause neuro symptoms in some (gastro specialist told me that) along with many other symptoms............................... "How do symptoms of celiac disease differ with age of onset? continued... Adults with celiac disease MAY have symptoms of diarrhea, steatorrhea, weight loss and flatulence; however, many adults do not have diarrhea or steatorrhea. They have either no symptoms or only vague abdominal discomfort such as bloating, abdominal distension and excess gas. They also may have only one, or only a few signs of malnutrition such as iron deficiency anemia, abnormal bleeding, or bone fractures. There have been changes during the past 20 years in the way in which celiac disease is diagnosed. The average age at which celiac disease is diagnosed has increased, probably because of the increased awareness that the disease can first cause symptoms or signs in adults. Whereas diarrhea was the initial symptom in 80% of patients, it now is the initial symptom in only 40%. " http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/celiac-disease/celiac-disease-symptoms?page=3 Celiac disease may cause deficiencies.........................................................................................You should make sure you dont have is Magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency also causes a lot of different symptoms eg cramps (esp PMT cramps), muscle twitching and tremors, insomina and sleep disturbances, irritability (other symptoms of magnesium deficiency are hyperthermia, hyperactivity, hypo or hyper tension, angina/irregular heart rhythmn, depression, photophobia and Sonophobia (fear of noise), tooth decay, arteriosclerosis, calicum deposits). Anyway.. i just thought it was interesting that you are showing half the signs of magnesium deficiency. Causes of magnesium deficiency can be stress, high carb or high fat diets, diuretic use eg too much coffee or alcohol etc Blood tests dont always show magnesium levels well (due to storage in cell). With your symptoms.. I suggest to go and buy some magnesium pills to see if that helps anything. (magnesium should be taken with calicum..as the body has a certain ratio in the body for them). Magnesuim is also known to help cramping but with where the cramping takes place in your foot, Im thinking that symptom could be a structional one. (maybe something a podiatrist could help with???)
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  • Yes, taniaaust1 has a point and would be good to test for that....for me I also got frequent bloating with the thryoid problem and thryoid can slow the digestive system and cause the bloating...man, the thryoid caused so many other problems for me and at first the stupid doc thought I had stomach cancer! NOT. They even put a camera down there to check....and it was a regular great GP that noticed my CLASSIC thryoid symtpoms and with just the blood work I got a diagnosis...but the stomach cancer...what a scare for nothing!!!!!....if you read up on Mary's site you will see this symptom....
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