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  • Posted By: quahog
  • April 25, 2007
  • 09:36 PM


I am new to the forum and was wondering if I could get some advice.

You see I have been dealing with chronic pain for 5 years now. No real cause has been found. It started one day in my right hip, progressed to involve my lower back and legs my right leg especially. My neck has also hurt this whole time. I was injured in an head traffic collision 10 years ago this past march. I suffered severe whiplash but it did go away or so I thought. the thing is my neck has never been quite right since.
My pain in my hip and legs has progressed to a burning numbness and now I am having what feels like a glove like sensation. I am now on SSDI because I haven't been able to work in years I need to walk with a cane and I am also on Oxycontin for pain management and I truly dislike it.

I have had numerous testing, NCV, EMG, MRI, X-Ray, CT-Scan, blood tests, Bone scans. The only thing that was ever found was some arthritis in my knees (From years of hS & college Track)some bulging discs in my lumbar spine L4-S1, bulging discs in my neck at C5-C6 and a central disc herniation at C3-C4. This herniation is supposedly impinging on my cord according to the radiology report but none of the doctors I have seen say it is a problem. I was also found to be glucose intolerant or pre-diabetic which I have since corrected with diet. An Emg study found what was thought to be neuropathy but that was soon dismissed as not correct.

Recently, I felt a pop in my neck and since then I have had insane amount of pain that radiate from my neck into my shoulder blades and deltoid muscles. Sometime it radiates into my arms and hands but not all the time. MY arms are weak however and I can not lift them over my head.
When I move my head I get electrical shocks that shoot from my neck into my feet They sometimes feel like cold water is being poured on me. I also have been having very bad headaches that seem to radiate from the back of my head. I have shortness of breath and vertigo, nausea. I also have trouble urinating. The MRI of my C-spine still shows that my C3-C4 is impinging on my spinal cord but none of my doctors says it is a problem.

I simply can not get a diagnosis and I am worried. If this isn't being caused from my neck then what is causing all this. I used to be a very healthy and active person. Now I am close to being wheelchair bound yet no one is really helping.

Is there anyone who can offer my some advice as to which direction I should take to get diagnosed and treated.

thank you so very much.

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  • check out this site ahummingbirdsguide.com see how many sx pertain to you. Every one you listed here is part of the disease It is called ME Myalgic Encephalomyelitis There are so many people on this site with the same sx that it is very scary...Best of luck...let me know how you make out...mommy cat
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  • Hi, don't let my silly my handle "Tingly" decieve you, I am hard at work exposing the serious maladies brought on by complications resulting from whiplash related injury/injuries. A serious epidemic swept under the rug. I don't have alot of time at the moment to go into it all, but your testimony is vital, keep posting. Your story and journey is an invaluable testimony. I'll be watching for you and look foward to sharing with you anything that may help.Hang in there,Tingly
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  • Dear Tingly...which, by the way is another ME symptom...I know, I have it frequently...I pray every day that my nightmare of a journey will not be in vain...that some good will come out of it somewhere...I think of this every day and most days wish I was wrong about the whole thing...although, I don't think so...I will post for as long as I'm able...Hope to help everyone on this site with ME symptoms...even if they don't believe they have them...mommy cat
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  • Quahog,Have you tried acupuncture?DOM
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