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  • Posted By: megamelfina
  • November 11, 2008
  • 06:06 AM

I have had numerous symptoms going on for years, and still get 'it's all in my head' or 'I don't know' from my doctors...if anyone has any suggestions I'll gladly hear them!

Difficulty breathing (chest tightness and can't take a deep breath)
Dry cough
Muscle pain and weakness
Sharp "pinchy" pain all over body randomly
Very frequent infections (flu, colds, pneumonia, bronchitis)
Joints locking occassionally
Severe ankle weakness
Heart palpitations
Extreme fatigue
Nausea after eating
Poly-cystic ovary syndrome (not sure if it's related to anything...)
Pituitary gland cyst (related to above)

I have had my tonsils and adenoids out when I was very young, and just recently had cysts taken out of my sinuses and a septum? deviation corrected, but it has not helped with my frequent infections. My doctor believes I have an immunity problem but does not know what. I have had some blood work done and I know they have ruled out lupus and lyme disease. I have had an MRI done to see my sinuses and my pituitary gland.

If there is anything I should add please let me know, and thanks for your help!

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  • I guess that could be quite a few things.. it's hard to say with those symptoms. Food intollerances?? Is the muscle pain and the extreme fatigue much worst post exertionally???.. IF so maybe check out "chronic fatigue immunity dysfunction syndrome". Im not sure thou if you would have that as you havent mentioned many of the symptoms ones usually get with it eg concentration/memory issues, sleep issues. All the symptoms except the joints locking are common CFIDS ones thou. Get your doctor also to test your vitamin D3 levels....
    taniaaust1 2267 Replies
    • November 11, 2008
    • 06:28 AM
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  • First, if there is any possibility you could have come in contact with a tick, do not rule lyme disease out. 50% of the tests are false negative. Recently saw a Mystery Diagnosis program where a woman was tested for lyme, came back negative but she did have lyme disease and was very ill. Finally a doctor tested her to see if she had antibodies for lyme disease and she did, but she had been very ill for a solid year. So just because one test said you do not have lyme disease does not mean a thing. You might want to visit an infectious disease specialist. Second, it sounds like you could have an auto-immune disease. Have you been to a rheumatologist?
    halal37 96 Replies
    • November 11, 2008
    • 02:07 PM
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  • I have seen a rhumetologist, but he didn't seem interested in me as a patient at all so it seemed like a worthless visit. I do live in a small, wooded town, so ticks are certainly a possibly.I do have a lot of trouble sleeping...I knew I was leaving something out! I have trouble falling asleep, and then I wake up often throughout the night.
    megamelfina 1 Replies
    • November 12, 2008
    • 04:54 AM
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  • Get checked for celiac disease: http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/celiac/index.htm
    aquila 1263 Replies
    • November 12, 2008
    • 05:22 PM
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  • I thing it`s a autoimune condition,check on Lupus
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 13, 2008
    • 00:29 PM
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