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  • Posted By: blaines
  • August 3, 2007
  • 04:43 PM

Something happened to me last night. I don't know what, and the doctores int he imergenrcy room don't know either. I normally type at about 45 WPM and can spell with speed and gread accuracy. Not I can't only type at about 20 WPM, and with terrible accuracy. lasts night after dinner I felt a dstrange Fog in my head and I tried to type a moeesgae on here and I just coiuld ne get my brindger to type the words that my mind was thinkgin. I had lost all knowledged to fo the keypbarod. Asd you can see, I am still affected thims morning. Long words are a rial challenge to me, as well as workds withe 'ea' 'ie', etc. I just can't spell them. It took me three tried to spell nerological in the subject of me message. I mixing up all the letters that are phoneciallly similar like i-e-y, b-g-t-c, et. I am really bugged by this. Not necesssarily frigntened, because I seem to ge improving over last night. But I want to know what might have happened last night so as to prevent itf rom ahppening again.

Something seems to have appfected the non-verbal communication area of my brain or something. I can get still write OK, but I have to really think about it hard and carefully.

I have had some kind of viral or bactherial condition in myt intestinges this week, where anytime I eat I get really crampy, even to the point of chills and nausia. No bomityng, though. I have also been constipated. This week started out that I was dizy and short of breath as well. But other than that, I have velt bery fine.

Could it be a build up of toxins in my body? Could I have had a small stroke or seicer? Thed ioctores seemedto think it's all in my head, because their stests showed nothing wrong. Dugh, of course its in my head.

Any thoughts/


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  • I would make an appt to see your reg doc and tell them what happened and the after-effects. I would also ask for/insist upon a brain mri. My guess is if that turns up clear, whatever it is will pass in time.
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  • Thank you for the reply and your suggestion. As is evident, I can now type and convert my thoughts into words properly again. What a relief that is!!! Other than my brief stint at the ER the other night, I haven't been to the doctor in about 15 years, so I don't have a regular doctor. I have been seriously thinking about an MRI, though. Even though my communication abilities are back to normal, there is still a strange feeling in my head that I just can't put my finger on. It's almost like I have some sort of memory loss... It's like there's a wall around my thoughts, and every once in a while when I'm trying to recall something, a tiny glimmer of it gets through, but I can't get all of it. If you noticed in my first post, correct words came in spurts, followed by garbage. That's how it is with all my memories. I have had a lot of stiffness in my neck this week, specifically in the left side at the base of my skull. Today I feel extremely exhausted and a little woozy. But overall, I think I'm improving. I still can't break through that wall in my mind, but I am confident that it will break down in time. At any rate, I don't seem to be getting worse in any regard, so I think I'm going to stick it out and just get some rest. If this shroud doesn't lift off my mind by middle of next week, I'm going to schedule an MRI for sure. I am notorious for having weak blood vessels that burst in various parts of my body for no reason (usually in my fingers and hands, but had one burst around my temple one day that about laid me out in pain). I wouldn't be surprised if maybe one burst in my head and the swelling put pressure on my brain that is slowly subsiding. But I'm not a doctor, and I don't know anything about the anatomy of the head, so I could be blowing smoke.At any rate, thanks again.
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  • I'm so glad you're feeling better! My hunch is that your hunch of a small vein burst is correct. Certainly sounds like that would cause the symptoms you had. If we are correct, I think seeing a doc probably becomes more important, because there may be something you can do to prevent any other episodes from occurring. Also, he may find no evidence of this, and/or might find something else that you can do something about. I might not mention that it has been 15 years since you last saw a doc or you might never get out of there! :) Please update on what he says if you do decide to go in.
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  • Fauve,I'm better!!!! Sunday morning when I woke up, I noticed immediately that my neck felt so good, so relaxed! Not only that, but I can think clearly again. My memory is back, and I feel just like the old me. Thank you for your support. As soon as I can afford it, I'm going to take your advice and get an MRI just so I know.Thanks so much,Blaine
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  • GREAT news! When you were in the hospital did they do a carotid ultrasound? I guess the neck pain didnt register with me before, but I really think you should have one if you haven't. The more I think about this the more I think you had a TIA (transient ischemic attack) whether caused by the blood vessel (which may have leaked rather than burst) or a partially blocked carotid artery. Since treatment of both of these kinds of TIAs are completely different, I really think it's important that a doc really determine what happened, because a TIA can be a warning of larger incident that might happen in the near future. Not trying to frighten you, but letting you know what I'm thinking. Please call the doctor...
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