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Need some help please

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 28, 2007
  • 05:25 PM

Hi everyone,

I seem to have all my doctors puzzled. Maybe someone can help shed some light on things or has a similar situation.

In 2003 at the age of 26, my B12 was undetectable at <74 RBC Folate was 815 MCH was high at 33.2, Cholesterol was high at 7.78, Trig high at 6.22, Hdl low at 0.78 total Chol/HDL 9.97.

A month of loading my B12 got to 504 then dropped back to 133 which is low two months later. 504 is the highest reading I have every got in the 3 years I have been keeping records.

In 2004 we starting testing my ferritin it was 6 then it currently stands undetectable at <5. It has never moved above 7. Doctor says its normal for me?

My B12 has been low since 2005 with a 119 being the highest and 78 being the lowest. Also since the starting of 2005 I have had a high fasting glucose of 6.1 which has climbed to 7.1 after my most recent blood test. Also my cholesterol numbers has been high this entire time. I have managed to get it down to Chol/HDL ratio of 7.61.

I had an endoscopy which was neg for PA, celiac profile twice which was negative. I do have thyroid disease. I had RAI in 2003 for graves disease. Because I have never been anemic the doctors think i'm fine. I do not feel fine. I have muscle and joint pain, pain that starts at the front of my abdomen then moves to my back, tingling, numbness and burning sensation, bowel problems, somedays i can't even stand due to the room spinning and feeling out of it, just to name a few. The symptoms are not constant and they don't always happen at the same time.

My last two blood test abnormalities
Mar3, 2007 -B12 78L - Ferritin 7L - Fasting Glucose 6.7H - Chol 6.94H - HDL 0.88L - LDL 5.34H - Chol/HDL 7.89H - Chloride 109H
Oct23, 2007 -B12 88L - Ferritin <5L - Fasting Glucose 7.1H - Chol 7.15H - Trig 3.77H - LDL 4.50H - Chlo/HDL 7.61H - MCH 32.4H

I'm 30 years old with a normal BMI. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated. Sorry for the long post.

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  • Low ferritin as well as low B12 levels are quite common in hypothyroidism. They can aslo cause a whole bunch of symptoms and some of those symptoms even overlap the hypo symptoms making them worse. Read more about low Ferratin and hypothyroidism here: http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/ferritin/ Read more about low b12 and hypothryroidism (Also called pernicious anemia) here: http://www.tsh.org/disorders/related/anemia.html Hope this helps... Kiera
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 28, 2007
    • 07:41 PM
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  • I don't really have much insight on this but what I do know is that vitamin B (all vitamin B's) must be taken together and in the correct amounts. An overload in any one vitamin B can cause a deficiency in the others. The other suggestion I would make is to take a serious look at diet. Our nutrition is the root of all our health and dictates whether our health is good or bad. It sounds like you've experienced some disturbances to your health, this can take a toll on the other organs, causing them to have to work harder to maintain balance. Try to find ways to support the functions of your organs and increase their vitality, this in turn may help to strengthen your system overall. My last suggestion is to approach your situation not as dealing with the symptoms, but focus on the core - wholesome food, organ cleansing, immune boosting. Reading suggestion: Nourishing Traditions - by Sally Fallon... excellent info. Hope this helps at least a little!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 29, 2007
    • 06:11 AM
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