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Need some guidance.. PLEASE!

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  • Posted By: Needananswer
  • February 28, 2011
  • 01:42 AM

Ok, I'm going to try my best to explain everything...

My fiance is 34, he has anxiety, has had drug problems, and is a diabetic. He is currently on Methadone, and some meds for his diabetes ( as well as insulin). He smokes marijuana regularly, but has been away from pills for a while.
I'll start off first with this...He overdosed on Extacy about 4.5 years ago, and he this illusion of "another world". All the people that he had lost in his life were there, and some people who are still alive ( but have had a big impact on his life in some way) are there too. He said he felt as if he was supposed to die, and change over to this "other world". Now keep in mind, that he is totally gone, he doesn't even know anyone is even in the same room as him. Also, he's had this "nervous thing" he's done most of his life, where he clears his throat and sort of clears the mucus from his nose, and his uncle always used to tell him not to do it.. now when he OD'd, they said he kept doing this, and spitting on the floor.. and if you were to ask him today, he says he did it becasue he felt like he had to, to change over to this other world.....
NOW, Last thursday night, he decided to get a tattoo. He smoked 2 joints before they started the tattoo, he was completely fine and was coherent (sorry i'm not the best speller) all day before and for about a half an after he smoked the weed.. Now they started the tattoo right after they finished smoking.. so about 3/4 of the way throught the tattoo i hear him saying some weird things. "This is just awesome", "i want everyone to be ok".. so i go into the room he is in and i notice he's sweating pretty bad.. so i took my hands and started to rub the sweat from his forehead.. not even a minutes later, he's crying uncontrollably telling me "i just want everyone to be ok" " this is just so awesome" and rambling some more things that just didn't make sence at all.. also he was talking about a "swamp". All of a sudden he jumps up in a panic, and is running around with a scared look on his face, he runs outside (into the snow) and falls to the ground.. gets up runs back insde and is jumping up and down and he keeps saying "i just want everything to be alright" and he is clearing his throat like there is no tommorow, and hawkering all over the floor. He then starts blowing his nose (with no kleenex) onto the floor. He then runs to me and says scaredly " tell me what to do, i don't know what to do, tell me what to do". Now the whole time, everyone is trying to stay calm, including myself.. and trying to get his attention.. i tried starring his in the eyes, but it was like he looked right past me. By then i have called 911 so i am trying to stalll him, i tell him to get his shoes on and i was going to take him home, so he starts putting his shoes on in a panic and again, hawkering on the floor. e goes outside, and by the time he gets to the driveway the ambulance is there. He actually opened up the doors to the ambulance and got right in and layed down.. now I didn't go in the ambulance, i had to calm myself down and i drove to the hospital about 10 minutes later. When i got to the hospital the paramedic told me that all my fiance kept saying the whole time was "just let me go" and he actually asked the paramedic if he could "hold him". When he got to the hospital they gave him adavan and hooked him into a IV... when i got to the hospital, he wasn't much better at all.. still not making sence, and talking about "changing over to the other world" and he told me he had so much to tell me.. i asked what, and he said "i can't spit anymore" now after about 2 hours he's starting to come to, and hes talking a bit normal to me now, but pretty much wantd me to climb into the stretcher with him to hold him. I started asking his some questions about things that he said, and all he kows is that he just felt like he was dieing, and switching oer to the "other world" that was just awesome, and in order for him to switch over, he had to clear all of the mucus and phlem from his body... he said he knew i was there with him (back when it first started) but he could see me. He said he just felt super scared.

SO, while in the hospital, they did blood tests, urine tests ( they thought maybe the weed was laced with something), cardiograms, and catscans. They found nothing in his blood or uine, becides the weed, and his Methadone ( that he is prescribed, and has ben on for a year). have been reading up on some things on the internet called Flashbacks.. not sure if they are real or not, i'm just looking for some input on this, the dr's just said it was from the weed and the pain from the tattoo.. but it just doesn't seem right to me.. He had this same experience when he o.d'd 4 years ago.. and now, with out overdosing, he has the exact same thing, right to a tee. i'm more or less wondering i there is anything that "triggers" flashbacks.. I'm just at a loss here, and really looking for some answers that the doctors just aren't giving me.

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