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Need help with child in my class

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  • Posted By: katieinbama
  • March 14, 2008
  • 05:04 AM

I work at a daycare with two year olds. I have this little boy in my class that may have some sort of anxiety disorder (not sure). He is still pretty new, he has been atleast seven times. He has taken to me and really doesn't want much of anything to do with the other teachers. As soon as his mother leaves is when it starts. This little boy repeats phrases over and over and over again. He cries and says the same things. If he finds something different to say, he says that over and over again. "Mrs. Katie, I want mommy." "Mrs Katie, I want to go to burger king." "Mrs. Katie Mrs. Katie Mrs. Katie." so on and so forth. He does have an autistic brother. He takes very short naps (15 -20 mins) and when he wakes up he starts all over again. If I even look like I am about to leave the room its: " Mrs. Katie don't go! Don't Go Mrs. Katie! Don't GO!" He will continue until he sees that I am not leaving or until I come back. The other teachers and I are baffled as to what we can do for this child and at the reasoning behind his repetitiveness. He is other wise a bright child that doesn't seem to exhibit any other signs of autism. Could this maybe be Asperger's Syndrome? Anyone that can offer some insight would help me greatly, because I really can't find anything else except that. Thanks in advance!

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  • My first thought on reading about the repetitive speech phrases was autism (that was before i read he has a brother with it). Possible he may be copying how his brother repeats phases??.. or maybe he has some autism himself. good checklist for symptoms for different ages with autism at http://www.autismvictoria.org.au/diagnosis/characteristics_checklist.php ........... I had a friend who's child had asperger's (he was about 10 when i met him). He used to ramble on and on about stuff, very fast (one couldnt speak back to him).. he was completely engrossed in his own convo.
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  • It sounds to me that this child is just repeating what his brother does and he has an attachment issue. Some children just take a little longer to adjust to being in a new place. This is why he takes short naps. Give him some more time and he will most likely adjust and you can leave the room without him acting this way. I too was a teacher in a day care in this age group. The children this age will get very attached to their care giver and will become distressed at them leaving. I took my breaks during their nap time to avoid this. I had one that would get upset when I had to go to the potty which was in the room. So he would go in there with me. He might just not get the attention he needs at home and see that his brother gets all of the attention because of his issues and he is imitating him to get the same attention. If it does not subside in a few weeks to a month ask the parent to have him tested. That you are concerned that he too might have issues. But chances are if he is developmentally acting appropriate during activities that he is fine.
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