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Need Help, Undiagnosed Auto-Immune or Neuro

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  • Posted By: needhelpnow999
  • January 18, 2009
  • 04:09 PM

I already typed a long message yesterday but it didn't post, so this will be shorter, as I still need urgent help and answers. I'm 21, male, for the past two years I have been experiencing debilitating symptoms, that just keep worsening and have left me feeling worse than a heroin addict or 800 pound bed ridden obese human, and I need help now. I am 99 percent certian, I have an auto immune, central nervous system disease, or infection.

I started off just getting simple neck pain, and my doctor said it was just a pinched nerve, months went by, it got worse, my neck muscles (trapezius)/ligaments began severly tightening up causing me to constantly crack it, and I started to experience severe pain along my spinal cord in my back, especially between my shoulder blades and areas of my lower back especially near base of ribs and spine, and also tightening of muscles on spinal cord. Also tightening of my facial muscles, and jaw, and getting temprorary lock jaw once in a while for a few seconds. Now I hear random popping sounds whenever I move joints in my shoulders, knees, elbows, and the pain in these areas has not responded to anything nor improved even slightly from anything I've taken. I also have been getting chronic mental and physical fatigue, and inability to focus on anything, which is now gotten so bad I can barely funtion at all, and is unaffected by my calorie intake, taking vitamins, excercise, caffeine, adderal xr 30 mg, anti-depressants. In the past two years I can't remember dreaming more than a few times, and my memory of the past two years seems like a fog and unreal, though I can remember anything from over 2 years ago fine, such as reciting 100 digits of PI i learned 8 years ago. The scariest part is the way I overall feel, I feel different, the way my brain is processing information feels off, my vision is not blurry but just processes differently, I remember living 19 years healty, and it seems like a different person now, that person seems like a I diffferent human to me now, I know my body, I know something is very wrong. I also have been getting bad dry and oily skin and mild acne and other small rashes and bumps, on my forhead, back of neck, back, upper arms, chest, abs, which is making it clear I have some sort of infection, virus, or disease. Taking ibuprofen, tylenol, vicodin, muscle relaxers, chiropractors, acupuncture, anti depressants, adderal xr 30 mg, steroids, vitamins, magnesium, pretty much I have taken everything except anti-biotiics or hormones, which has made me realize this has been an auto-immune, nervous sytem disease, or thyroid problem the whole time. My blood work is all normal, normal cholestoral, blood pressure, mri's x rays showed no disc hernation or anythingi in my brain, im 5-9 170, ekg normal, negative for lyme twice, even though my syptoms match closley and I have never had the anti biotic. My symptoms are centered around my central nervous system, my spine symptoms and my brain and mental symptoms, this is no case of depression either. I need to know what I have, from what I've read, it could be undiagnosed lyme, neuro syphillis, lupus (test said no), Hashimoto's thyroiditis (or another thyroid problem or disease), addisons disease, celiac disease, cushings disease, rhemetoid arthritis, lymphoma, gallstones, a form of diabetes, or some other auto-immune, or central nervous system disease. Unfortunately for me, neuro syphilis symptoms and lyme's match me pretty close, but nevertheless I think its time I get on an anti-biotic, penicilin or something, because I am beginning to reach the point of psycosis a symptom of neuro syphillis and lyme. Any questions let me know.

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  • Have spine issues been ruled out with Mri's ?Go to www.lymenet.org/ . There are many there who are in your shoes, so you will find lots of help .. It may or may not be Lyme, could be another tick born infection or mycoplasmas . Best wishes ~~JerseyLymie
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 19, 2009
    • 09:36 AM
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  • i know this can be really frustrating not knowing what we have!!im having a lot of issues too!!did u had blood work ..urine tests?? ANA tests??ask your doctor to preform a mri on u and ask for celiac tests too . well do u belive ur problem is retated to your imunne system right?? if u did the ana test ...tell me that test came back negative or positive??? negative ----»means that ur system is goodpositive-----------»is something going on with ur auto imune system , or maybe this can be just a false positive , and rebember that u can have a ana positive and never get any auto imune desise.. susy
    sukrish 2 Replies
    • January 19, 2009
    • 06:00 PM
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  • Possibly costochondritis? Perhaps the phycosis is a result of side effects of Abilify?Good LuckPamela
    pamelasmc 82 Replies
    • January 19, 2009
    • 06:39 PM
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