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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 10, 2007
  • 03:06 PM

hello. i am a 40 yr. old woman. i had a total hysterectomy at age 39 for a large fibroid tumor and multiple cyst on ovary. i also had a thymectomy in november 2006. i have been dealing with muscle weakness, extreme joint pain (ankles, elbows) for about 4 yrs. now. they have done all the blood work for arthritis and thyroid and they all come back normal. one blood test that came back high a few yrs. ago was my "c-reactive protein", it was 78. they did not seem alarmed by that. my cholesterol levels are not good either, LDL is 499, HDL is 28, Total is mid 200. i have had stress test, and ekg's (since heart problems are in family), and they come back normal. blood pressure stays around 110 over 70. since my hysterectomy (no hrt), my joint pain and muscle weakness has increase two-fold. i feel like i am in my 80's and i am only 40. needless to say that causes problems in my life. i am a mother and wife - and do to my dibilitating condition - i am not able to be at the level that i should. i was out of work for 6 months and that caused complete financial destruction for us, but i was very weak and hurt during that time. they found that my thymus was still present through a ct scan. therefore they operated to remove the mass. i went to my doctor last week because i truly feel like there is something terribly wrong, health wise. i have been experiencing on and off dilated pupils, since the thoracic surgeon put me on tramodine (for nerve damage from operation). i stopped taking the meds but i am still getting uneven eye dilation. i know when it is happening because my eye area begins to feel puffy and i begin getting a pressure headache. sometimes it is hard for me to walk because of the pain in my ankles and feet; and my legs are so restless at night. my elbow pain hurts so much you can't touch them or lay them on anything cause it hurts; and it causes me to not be able to open jars, fold laundry, comb my hair. i have gained 50 lbs. since my hysterectomy and my eating habits haven't changed; i am just getting fat. and on top of all that my nerves are shot from all the financial and pain issues. i have to talk myself into going to work everyday, because i hurt so bad i want to stay in bed. i go to work and when i get home i am exhausted (and i have a desk job). now this week i have developed a lump on my right wrist that effects my thumb movement and i cannot twist it. the lump continues to get larger. my doctor ran another whole set of fasting labs and i have not heard back from her. she also gave me samples of "mobic" for my joint pain. i took one dose and it caused horrible abdominal and heartburn. i have reflux and take nexium 40mg daily. so i did not take another dose. it is hard for me to take anti-inflammatory meds because of the erosion in my esophagus and my gastro issues. i also have been on lexapro 20 mg for 2+ years, but i am actually coming off of it; i take 10 mg nightly at this time. i am totally frustrated and i am so angry of having this pain and fatigue at my age. i believe it is truly throwing me into a nervous breakdown. I JUST WANT A DOCTOR TO FIND THE ANSWER SO I CAN LIVE NORMAL AGAIN.

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  • Don't know about all the symptoms, but have you looked into Fibromyalgia for the pain symptoms? A Rheumatologist who is familiar with the condition should be able to tell you if you have it or not.
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  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can also be a possibility. It causes pain and exhaustion.
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  • My guess would be undx'd Lyme or other TBI, got to lymenet.org and see if the info there helps to pinpoint things for you.
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  • My family had (between us) many of these symptoms, and many more. A homoeopath advised me to stop eating red meat, chicken and bread. This was much to ask of a South African Boer, however I did and it worked. The whole family went off those, and all are now fine. No more tiredness, lumpy pains, gastric mutiny, haemorhoids, excema etc. etc.It seems the meat is poisoned in the production process, with meds they feed the animals. And the main problem with bread is that it must never ever mix with fruit, including marmelade etc. Red wine is also a bad mix of fruit and yeast. Added to that, some of us have to completely avoid tomato. The worst thing is a pizza base with tomato paste.Instead, eat cooked veggies (especially baby marrows, butternut pumpkin, cabbage, beetroot, potatoes) flavoured any natural way you like, and only sterilized (long life) milk, quite a lot of milk if you can. Avoid coffee, tea, and all unnatural pollutants. Make sure you have a daily 1000 mg of Omega 3 and 1000 mg of vitamin C (slow release). Ask a health shop for a good homoeopathic med against Gout.Whatever the real problem turns out to be (if ever found) you'll still need to recover or just feel better. So do try this for a month or so, just to see what happens.
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  • i know how you feel, i hit 40 this year and everything started hurting me too. my mom has scrojens and fibromyalgia and migrains and my dad rhuemi, i inherited the migrains and sometimes there so bad i feel like a siezure will come on w/ it. i started joint pain this year so bad that i cant even get my shoes on half the time. so i went to the dr. and he told me i have fibro and lupus which is the first stage of scrojens. i also have chronic tiredness and i work a job that i have to lift 50 to 100 pounds during the day. by the time i get home im beat and just want to lay down and get off my feet and legs. i had heart surgery last year and they put a stent in and angioblast the other artery. i had my gallbladder removed and have 3 knee surgerys and one knee that wont hold(torn menicus and acl) i am a girl that holds her wieght well, if you were to look at me you wouldnt think i wiehged 211, im strong and muscle and yes i do have fat in the belly but it hangs down like a apron. (flabby) from losing wiehgt. i know that the belly alone wieghs 25 or more pounds and thats ******n me to carry, i want to work out but im in so much pain every day. if it wasnt for my horses i wouldnt move at all. and we all know thats when we give up and die. i wont give up but i have to talk myself into going to work everyday cause i hurt so bad in the morning. i have a feeling that i will end up on disability this year or next. i have to see if i can afford to go out or just keep killing myself working. my dr. even said my job is killing me, but does he pay the bills? does the pain ever give u a break?
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    • December 18, 2008
    • 01:16 PM
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  • I am so sorry about all the pain your having. The symptoms you are discribing sound alot with what I am dealing with. I feel as if I am 70 years old but am only 21 and am on SSD because of pain. I have RSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy. It is basically caused by damaging a nerve and surgery is a common cause, which is how I got. I know how hard it is to find a doctor who understand what your talking about, I saw about 57 doctors before being diagnosed. I would just do some research on RSD and see how many of the symptoms you have. Hope you will get an answer
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    • December 22, 2008
    • 08:39 PM
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