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  • Posted By: Furious Angel
  • June 14, 2009
  • 02:52 PM


I am suffering from extreme exhaustion. I cannot walk up the stairs without climbing one by one and slowly. I cannot hold myself up because my muscles just dont seem able to hold me up. I am not heavy and have always been fit and well. I get incredibly light headed and feel frequently like i am going to pass out and sometimes i do. I have have ecg's done and blood tests are all fine, i am on the waiting list to see a nero person, or in my terms a brain doctor. I am desperate to get back to work but this is my second week signed off! I have a very active role at work which means i am constantly on my feet and moving around. I have got to the point now of considering purchasing a wheelchair as i feel quite okish, if i dont have to hold up my weight. I am between 8 and 9 stones, 5'1 and losing weight quite rapidly. Any ideas people?

Furious Angel

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  • Please, have you been tested for Celiac disease? You sound like you live in Europe, or even the United Kingdom (your use of stone for weight measurement gave you away. :)). Your symptoms are also symptoms for celiac disease, especially your sudden weight loss. Have a celiac blood panel taken. EVEN IF it comes back negative, get your doctor to agree to let you see a gastroenterologist so you can have an endoscopy and biopsy taken; 20% of celiac cases are seronegative (negative blood work, but positive biopsy). The cure for celiac disease is actually very simple--there are no drugs. All you do is avoid eating anything with wheat, rye, barley, or oats. I myself had an endoscopy and colonscopy and biopsies done, looking for celiac disease; I am currently awaiting the results.Good luck.
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  • Perhaps you should be tested for Myasthenia.. your symptoms sound very similar.Best of luck to you
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  • Okay, I'm a retired neurologist from the U.S., so if you don't mind I'll convert your weight for purposes of discussion. Your stated weight would be the equivalent of about 119 lbs. and at 5'-1" that would place your body mass index at about 22.5 or so, which would be well within the normal range. Please indicate your age. When you say that you are losing weight, please tell me how many stones you've lost since first noticing the problem and over what time span has the weight loss occurred? When you look at your body, does it appear that you've lost weight proportionately, or does it seem like the muscles have all shrunken and appear disproportionate? Is the muscle weakness restricted to you legs or are you universally weak? Also, has your doctor recorded actual muscle weakness or atrophy, or do you feel extremely lethargic and so tired that your legs merely feel as though they may give way, but if you exert yourself you can support your weight? Are you also short of breath? Are you experiencing very fine muscle twitches on your arms or legs that upon observation, appear to make the skin dance about or flutter? Have there been any changes in voice or vision, any problems with saliva secretions and have you experienced any choking episodes or difficulty swallowing? Is your muscle weakness somewhat less in the morning and grows considerably worse through the day? Have you experienced heat intolerence? Have you experienced what might be characterized as spasms in your legs, wherein they sort of shake rhythmically while lying in bed or while trying to ascend or descend on stairs? Once you've been able to respond to my questions, I can provide a better opinion regarding your symptoms. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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