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need help, cant get a diagnosis

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  • Posted By: marvelusmarvcus
  • October 6, 2009
  • 01:09 PM

i need some help. i cannot get a diagnosis. let me start off by stating that i take medication daily for my thyroid gland. its pretty much gone and has been that way since i was 14. i dont think that has anything to do with the problems i am having now. i am also a smoker.

let me start by saying i dont know if everything i am referring to here is related. i just want to make sure to share all of the info i have.

about 6-7 months ago. trouble breathing through right nostril. weird bumpy red rash on left inner arm, nonitchy. bumpy rash on stomach very itchy. both rashes go away. hives start to come and go.

lots of stress at work. i start getting this feeling of swelling on the back of my neck, mainly at the base of the skull. gets worse and often results in headaches. at this point i have anxiety and am very worried. i start getting very dizzy at times. never pass out, no nausea, just crazy dizzy. brain fog, trouble thinking of words to say.

go to the doctor. tell them i want to be checked for lyme as i have been picking ticks off my body all summer. they check for lyme and rocky mountain spotted fever. rocky mountain spotted fever comes back positive. 2 weeks antibiotics, feel better, ask for more as i still have symptoms, 2 more weeks of doxycycline, still not fixed. but feeling better.

doctors all agree that rocky mountain was a misdiagnosis, test shows a just barely pass and i had no fever or nausea so i would agree. tests follow for all kinds of other stuff. everything passes fine except ent notices a severely deviated septum. says it has always been there. so this solves breathing problems symptom i guess.

have checked for:
lupus and other autoimmunes
had a ct scan
all bloodwork normal
no weight gain or loss
no fever
no nausea
only thing weird was thyroid level was low, meaning i am hyperthyroid
dont feel hyperthyroid though and test months before was fine

current symptoms (some different than before):
blotchy skin-discolored, like speckled red and yellow
skin yellow when pressed
when pressure is applied for a period, a red patch appears for a time
sometimes non itchy hot red patches appear for unknown reasons
palms are sweaty, have no idea why
hands kind of look older, and kind of shiny on the top?
weird feelings at base of skull, like neck is catching something
cold fingertips, not sure if this is due to smoking or not
right eye vision is blurry, seems to get worse as the day goes on
overall feeling like something is not right

looking to maybe have an mri on neck and head
not sure where to go next
doctors not really thinking i should be worried, thinking stress is cause
symptoms are like lyme i guess
any help? but please dont cause me more anxiety

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