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Need HELP -- Are there any STD?? Hip Pain??

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  • Posted By: jason34
  • July 21, 2007
  • 05:24 AM

Me and my girl friend always experience hip pain for a few days after sex. Her pains are within her right hip I beleive and mine are within my left hip.
We do not have discharge or bumps or no other symthoms -- just the him pain.

Does anyone in this forum know if the is an STD??? What it is??? And how we can go about explaining our symthoms to the doctor to where we can be treated. Anything fellow members can help us out with please reply becuase I am scared!!

Also, how can I check up on this thread??

:( :confused:

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  • Sounds like you both pulled a groin muscle if your pain is on the inside of the thigh. Gentler sex might be the answer. If your pain is within the hip joint, then it sounds like a sports related issue. Again gentle sex. If you even THINK you have an STD, then you've probably engaged in risky sexual behavior and should go to the doc. Anytime anyone answers you, the whole posting will be placed at the top of the heap for viewing. (You must specify latest post first)
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  • Right, both of you go to your local free county STD clinic and they can test for everything (get your hiv/hepatitis check, too) except herpes. For herpes 2, you will need a blood test and probably have to go to a doctor. 50% of the people with herpes don't have any symptoms so they don't know they have it. Some people get the pain in their hips from the inflamed nerves that the virus travels to. It could be rough sex and you both may need a chiropractor.
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  • I appreciate the replies but that isnt it --- is it possible there is something new out there and we dont all know about it yet becuase this isnt something from ruff sex if that was the case I would have had this pain along time ago. Another thing it goes away after like 2 weeks but when we have sex again it comes back, sometimes after the 2 weeks its still there but mild. What about PID?? But we dont have discharge, bumps or nothing like that.
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  • monsterlove that is what it feel like, like nerve pain. I will go to the doc and see what he says. I am still looking to hear replies if anyone knows what it is or has had similar symthoms.
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  • I have herpes and the only symptom I have is extreme nerve pain in my butt. I don't break out. The only thing for it is gabapentin for nerve pain. The doctors would not consider it a symptom of herpes and may not give you the blood test (I insisted), but for me, it's the only one I have. It can be so painful it's hard to walk and keeps me up and then the next day, I'm fine and no problems at all. I don't know.
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  • My advice,better check for STD and get a blood test to see any changes in blood.Does both of you got the pain everytime after sex and duration of it?do you have fever when the pain occurs?
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  • Yes both of us have the pain after sex. I havent really had any fevers though. I went to the doctors and the doc said that it was muscle pain or something but why do both of us have the pain and ussually the pain likre inhances after sex and lastes for like 8 to 10 days until we have sex again, this has made me not want sex but now Im starting to fell like mild pain in my hip and know its not just muscle pain.
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  • I am going to schedule an appointment with my doctor and get blood testing. I read in another forum, someones post with similiar smythoms and they said nothing showed up in their blood and continues to have the same smythoms. I will check back to read posts, after my appointment I will tell everyone how it went and everything.
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  • I don't know how the doctor would know what it is just by looking. The STD clinic would check for all STDs except hpv and hsv for free. I would have begun there first to see if they could find something before spending money that I didn't have with a doctor who "Thinks" about your symptoms.
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