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  • Posted By: rebuters
  • July 16, 2008
  • 11:19 AM

I have experience watery discharge, frequent urination and pain during ejaculation... Please tell me am i having stds? But i am consuming medicine now for about 2 days but i still face pain during ejaculation and watery discharge.

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  • Do we look like we can check out your lab work? Of course you have an std. Go to your free county STD clinic and fine out exactly what meds you need for whatever you picked up. You should not be self medicating.
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  • I wasn't self medicating...I have been through a clinic. The doctor give mw a urine test telling me i have got red blood cell, white blood cell and visible fragments in my urine. The doctor prescribe to me C-FLox and Doxycap. I wonder what it is? I have ask the doctor whether i should revisit him but he confidently say NO.I only receive oral sex(once)... isn't it a low risk of transmission?My signs seem to be effective after i ejaculate, the need to urinate and watery discharge is often after that. i will post a new 1 soon.
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  • The risk is real *every* time you have sex. I would finish up the meds and see where you are. If you still don't feel well, make another appointment. Antibiotics take time to work. Make sure you take all of the meds or you may risk an untreatable infection.
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  • Why don't you give us all of your information when you first post? I don't understand why you didn't get your diagnosis out of your doctor when he prescribed you meds. Call your doctor and ask him what your problem is; you've paid to see him. Sounds like he is treating you for gonorrhea and chlamydia and it's hard to believe that he didn't tell you that you have an STD. It could just be a bladder infection, but I doubt it. http://www.virtualinfectioncentre.com/drugs.asp?drugid=1916&type=Indication of C-Flox:C-Flox is an antibiotic agent used in the treatment of the following infections (see Action Description for susceptible organisms):- urinary tract infections- gonococcal urethritis and cervicitis- infective diarrhoea- bronchial infections- skin and skin structure infections- bone and joint infections- chronic bacterial prostatitis
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  • Now I need to know what is mean by "real" risk and how long should the antibiotic works on me?I am quite natural now, less discharge and less pain...
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  • Every time you have sex, you risk getting an STD. In other words, it doesn't matter how many times you have sex. Each time may end in an STD. That's what I mean by real. It seemed to me that you thought that if you only had sex once, you were okay and you didn't have any risk. That's flatly not true.
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  • but isn't it doxycap heals urinary teact infection as well???
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  • some times if the chlamydia is resistant, you may have to be on it for several weeks; best to talk with you doctor and demand to know what you have...
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  • I agree - you need a diagnosis, either of an urinary tract infection or a std. Chances are they didn't test for std but just treated you for a UTI...I would follow up on this an find out what they tested you for and what they diagnosed you with. Also GET ON A GOOD QUALITY PROBIOTIC ASAP! This is important to help rebuild your flora. Strong antibiotics will set you up for further problems like candida or clostridium difficile infection. Get a good probiotic from Jarrow or similar product and take this daily. You can find this at any good healthfood store or online at www.vitacost.com. Do this please - it is very important! Best wishesDOM
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