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Need DR Please! I need to help my father

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  • Posted By: BeckyForFather
  • June 27, 2011
  • 09:46 PM

:confused:My father is 82 and still has all faculties. 2 years ago he had hip replacement surgery. AFter that surgery he contracted enterobactus clocae infection. Drs treated him very aggressively. He was extremely sick for over 5 months. Because there is no way to ever know that this infection has been completely eradicated and will not ever pop up again, they have him on Cipro for life. The fact is, they believed it would kill him and because it didn't, they will treat it for life.

He has no signs or symptoms of this bacteria anymore, however, they can't know that it is completely gone and there is far too much danger from this to take him off abx.

His hip seems fine now. However, ever since he contracted this bacteria and been on Cipro, he is still ill. He is functioning and doing the best he can, but he does not feel well. Every afternoon, he experiences 'flushing' and burning, watery eyes. At night, he awakes feeling extremely hot & feverish and he takes his temperature, but does not have a fever. His skin is very hot to the touch. My mother feels him and he feels very hot, but he does not have a fever.

Believing it might be the Cipro, they took him off of it and substituted another type of abx for over a month, but he experienced the same illness.

Supposedly the Dr has tested him for everything and no abnormalities are found. I am concerned, because I have Lyme disease and I contribute to the labwork I want to be run and I keep copies of all of my lab work. My father does not even know what he has been tested for, nor does he get copies to look over himself.

So I have no idea what he has been tested for or what his results might be. I am concerned because every time I have lab work run, I note that the lab has neglected to run certain tests and the Dr does not notice it and I have to point it out.

I do not believe his hormones have been tested and there are possibly other things that should be tested. I have done a lot of research and cannot find out what might be wrong. I am inclined to believe that the enterro bactor is still in his blood and I do not know what kind of test can show that.

Can anyone give me any ideas of illnesses to research? It is a definite that this illness onset w/ the onset of this bacteria and it's treatment w/ Cipro, but I cannot find any helpful information. We agree that he is old, but he should not be suffering like this w/ an unknown illness.

Please help!

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  • Female body temps are often lower then male body temps so it may just be that why he feels warm to both of you or he may be lying and trying not to worry you. I suggest you to actually take his temp yourself when he feels hot to see. I strongly recommended getting hold of his medical records (that would include his test results). Legally he cant be denied these if a request is put in for them (unless there was a mental health reason not to give all the info to him). From my own experience with many doctors, I know that many actually dismiss abnormal test results which actually do mean something esp if they are results they dont understand. It is rare doctors indeed nowdays that will take the time out to understand results they dont understand and research it. Ive had my so low glucose levels ignored by a doctor who didnt tell me about them that were low enough to cause unconscious in a person. Ive had so many other abnormalities which showed up in my tests ignored.. as doctors didnt understand them and the relevance of them to other conditions I have. So for your fathers sake.. get him to put in a request for a copy of his medical file and tests so you can go throu it yourself. Ive also found that old people are often not paid much attention too health wise as "some" doctors dont place as much value on their life as they would as far as a younger person goes. A tired, sick old person may not be paid as much attention to as a middle aged sick one.
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