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Need diagnosis. Please help

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  • Posted By: confusedmale
  • March 11, 2012
  • 10:38 AM

Hello All .... I hope some one knows what's going on with me as this has consumed my life for the past 2.5 years ... without answers

Me: 29 male, 5'9", 143lbs /66 kg - Non smoker, drank only 8 out of 29 yrs and now quit drinking

2.5 yrs ago I had chest discomfort and a racing heart and I called 911 and visited the ER. Docs looked at EKG etc and said a minor PVC and nothing else ... said this might be due to coffee I've been drinking and also due to stress. Before this incident I was a bit depressed and was also anxious of a few things going on. I came back home the same night and next morning I noticed a dull pain in my upper left chest area ( not in the Sternum/breast bone , but a little away to the left but upper chest) The pain/ discomfort wouldn't go away or increase or decrease with exercise .... the other symptom that developed over time was lots of gas related chest pain, or so I think, which usually reduces ( not completely though) when I drink plenty of fluids and I burp away. I then went to a GP(General Practitioner MD Internal) and he figured it might be related to GERD and prescribed OTC antacids and later on put me on PPIs, when over the counter were ineffective. I lost my appetite completely after being on PPIs, so I quit taking them. I then sought help from a neighborhood naturopath and she prescribed acid/HCl? pills which actually created spasms in my chest ... then I discontinued that too ..... over the next few days I've had chest discomfort multiple times, which did not feel like heart burn at all as I was never hungry ... I went to the ER 3-4 times and EKGs, blood work etc and docs said it might not be heart related .... On one hand I am relieved but on the other I know of so many horror stories of wrong diagnoses by incompetent docs .... This kind of EKGs, echos, X-rays and others kept on going until I developed anxiety issues ... racing heart, pounding,etc ..... I do have some neck/trap pain issues .... makes it even more crazier to understand.... now I burp after eating, do have weird sensations around my left nipple (some times sharp stabbing pains (from acid??) some times gassy pains), constant wierdness in my chest all day which seems to subside a little in the evening ... Also, recently I went to a physiotherapist who made my neck issues a little better.... i also mentioned about chest issues .... and when she put some electro-pulse thingy which made me feel my entire left pec/chest muscle.... the left nipple area gave some discomfort in the beginning but subsided after 2 mins into this therapy .... Just when I thought this might be it another symptom makes this all mysterious .... I do get some left chest pains just before and after pooping .... why?? is it gas or something else??

Few stats abt me: Total Cholesterol: 180-200; LDL - 114-119; HDL - 49-57, Triglycerides - 90..... No history of Diabetes or liver problems, No Hep B or C (recently tested),

I've recently seemed to have developed some breathing issues .... my nose seems blocked and there is an urge to clear it out several times a day ... but I don't have a cold or fever(atleast temp that I can feel) ... i don't cough, but have blood tinged mucus from my nose .... I need to use vicks varporub or something of that sort to help clear my nose before going to bed most nights ..... Another annoying issue is that, when I ride my Motorbike ( Not much manual effort involved), there is chest discomfort and shoulder pain .... an oh this happens only on the left side and never on the right side .... the right neck is a bit stiff when I try to bend towrds the left shoulder

If anyone out there can help me identify or diagnose my situation I'll be very grateful as I am at wits end here ..... I've considered heart issues, lung issues, neck problems and thus a referred pain(?) , chest wall/muscular issues, GERD .... but not able to understand what exactly is going on .... any pointers to explore would be appreciated

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