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need any help ... severe itching in pubic region for 10 years

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  • Posted By: nataly
  • July 4, 2010
  • 04:46 PM

i'm 26 years female, not married & have no any sexual relationship before .
i have itching in pubic region from about 10 years in labia majora & labia minora & clitoris .
its severe that i sometimes wake up from sleeping ,
( and i noticed that the itching increases at night) .
i made many laboratory examination and the result was negative . no any bacterial infection ,
in spite of this, i took many drugs for bacterial infection and for parasite and for fungal infection in case i have any one of these diseases and it wasn't detected in the lab. investigations and i get a very minimal result for short period of time .
i also took external douches and creams some of them contain cortisone and also the effect is minimal , and the itching return as long as i stop them .
i really get tired and don't know what is the treatment .

the appearance of external genitalia become some how abnormal .
labia minora is enlarged at one side and make friction with under wears on moving ,
my doctor said that after all that he suggests that the cause is one of 2,
either hormonal ... so i will be okay and everything return to normal after marriage .
or it's a type of allergy and has no treatment :(
N.B : in general i'm suffering from allergy especially for dust .

hope you can help me
thanks a lot

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  • First, I would try a different doctors. Second, stay away from douches, they are so bad for you and only use natural soaps. Hope it helps.
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  • natural soaps made of what ?is there any diagnosis for my case ?
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  • natural soaps made of what ?is there any diagnosis for my case ?Hello,The person that suggested natural soaps probably meant "castile" soaps like "doctor Bronner". I would not recommend that.Natural soaps are made of vegetable oils, salts and lye, without the additives like sodium laureth sulfate, a potential carcinogen. As such, they are a great product, and good for the environment, but they are not necessarily what you need to clean yourself in your genital area. they can be harsh.The problem with soap - any soap- is twofold. first of all, soaps are of a group of chemicals that are considered a "base". Now visualize yourself as being slightly acidic (sour) ; base is the exact opposite. Now, for that reason alone, doctors have been recommending non-soap products or medical "sour" soap (as an OBGYN might use on a speculum) to wash yourself in the pubic area. Soaps are known to cause irritation, and actually may set off yeast infections, if they enter the vagina. The vagina and uterus are acidic; the acidity is comparable to yoghurt. If you use a base soap , and the soap enters the vagina, you change the environment and may cause yeast infections etc.In addition, a lot of women have very sensitive skin in the pubic area. soaps , especially perfumed ones, may just be too harsh and cause itching that way.Now I myself cannot handle "natural " soaps at all down there, Dr. Bronner , while I like it for a lot of things, is worse to me in the pubic area then regular soap. So much for that answer, I would not recommend it. Plus, it is perfumed. Even natural perfume is perfume and , therefore, a potential irritant.I deal with problems like that myself and this is what I recommend:1) buy a fragrance free baby wash (Aveeno, baby section, in a cream colored bottle) and use that for washing up; it is soap free and perfume free.2) do NOT ever, ever, ever, use any of the following in your genital area or internally, as they are irritants : if you have them, toss them-*perfumed (deodorant) tampons or perfumed (deodorant)menstrual pads. They were invented by a sadist.They cause me to get an extremely itchy, red, burning rash AND massive amounts of discharge. From what I understand, this is quite common. So if you are doing that, stop it now and switch to regular, without all the deodorant stuff.*deodorant soaps*deodorant sprays or sticks; any internal deodorant; *perfumed powders , including baby powder; if you must use something , use plain cornstarch; talcum powder has been associated with cancer.*Perfumed douches, also invented by an idiot without any concept of what the female body is about. the only douches you might want to consider is water and vinegar, or, if you have been using deodorant stuff start with water and baking soda, and switch to water / vinegar lafter one week. Then stop, no need to douche.* any lubricants or skin products you might use, or over the counter product for itchiness.* Any wipes, like baby wipes. They are NOT hyperallogenic, whatever they may state. The ones for "sensitive skin" from Pampers and Huggies literally burn up my tush.3)I also would switch to a fragrance free detergent for your clothes - castile is also fine, if you can find it fragrance free- , and would recommend to give your underwear an extra rinse, if need be with some lemon juice added ,to neutralize soap residue, of which you will always have plenty in your laundry. 4) In addition I would stay away from non-breathing fabrics such as nylon for your underwear. Switch to cotton. Give yourself some air.So much for what NOT to use.Now, without trying to be facetious, I must address the way you clean yourself. What you should do, everyday, is take a clean (see how to clean above) soft , cotton washcloth, and dip it is soapy water (see the recommended soap) . Don't get slaphappy and use too much soap; you do not get cleaner .gently wash the external labia and area of inner thighs; spread your labia and gently wash internal labia, area of clitoris and bladder opening; around vagina; rinse well with water, if so desired with a dash of vinegar.repeat for area around rectum and buttcrack, if so desired with a bit more soap. rinse well with plain water.Dry thoroughly but gently,with clean soft towel, vaginal area first, then rectal area and buttcrack. Put on clean, cotton underwear.For right now, if you shave, discontinue shaving, and, of course, do not use NAIR, wax or anything else down there. NAIR is straight lye with a bunch of other similar stuff mixed in.If you decide to shave again later, do not use any shaving cream except for tha baby wash. i am curious to see if this will work for you. Give it a month and see if you improve. Under any circumstances, this is how you should be dealing with your genitals, whether or not solves your problem, as it will prevent an entire rash (pardon the pun) of other problems. And oh yeah the person that suggested to switch doctors? She is right. Your doctor should have told you all this instead of prescribing steroid creams and such. Also, have yourself referred to a OBGYN and a dermatologist. Sounds more like a skin issue the a gynaecologal issue. Also, consider taking Claritin, if you are not doing that already.Good luck, Maartje
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  • Have you come across a condition called lichen sclerosis? It's an auto immune condition causing painful itching & scarring in the vulva. It can be controlled with the right creams. Your doctor may not be familiar with it - one of mine certainly wasn't. It may be something completely different, but it's worth investigating, Also, lay off any special soaps etc - just use aqueous cream from the chemist to wash, it's scent and detergent free & fairly cheap. Good luck!
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  • Made of glycerin or all natural products. Commericial soaps such as Ivory, Camay, Irish Spring, etc. are heavily perfumed and have all kinds of toxic chemicals in them that can cause irritation, especially in sensitive areas and can cause yeast infection in women because they change the ph balance. Even if it doesn't help your current situation, you'll still be doing something better for your skin. natural soaps made of what ? is there any diagnosis for my case ?
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  • I have the exact same problem... it took me years to figue out that I have extreme skin sensitivity in that area. I have to buy hypoallergenic laundry soap, and rinse my undergarments twice, can wear only 100% cotton underwear, have to use only all-natural soaps (no dyes, inks, or perfumes) , and even have to carry tissues with me incase I need to use a public restroom because the TP in most public places cause issues.
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  • I have the exact same problem... it took me years to figue out that I have extreme skin sensitivity in that area. I have to buy hypoallergenic laundry soap, and rinse my undergarments twice, can wear only 100% cotton underwear, have to use only all-natural soaps (no dyes, inks, or perfumes) , and even have to carry tissues with me incase I need to use a public restroom because the TP in most public places cause issues.I have had the same problem for 12 years and it's worsening. Needless to say I've tried everything. 13 years ago, I visited an Iridologist about another problem and she gave me a full diagnosis , told me I would develop a problem later which would be related to my stomach. It would cause a slight anal discharge and make me very itchy. I didn't bother to ask her about the "why" or the "how to fix it" part because I had a separate problem at hand ( which was cured shortly thereafter.) Many doctors have treated the symptoms - but never the cause. I'm now trying to locate a reputable Iridologist. This is just ridiculous. I've remembered this information only recently. It's worth a try.
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    • October 8, 2010
    • 03:39 PM
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  • This answer is serious, not a joke: some cases of extreme itching in the vaginal area have been connected to socio-psychological rather than isolated physiological circumstances. You are 26 and have never had any sexual relationships--so that rules out STDs--but have you ever explored sexual stimulation?? If you've never masturbated, in all seriousness, the itching may be deriving from a psychosomatic condition of repressed sexual activity. Your body needs sexual release. Definitely cleanse gently and minimally (a woman's body is designed to cleanse itself, you don't need to do too much). If you do use any of the perfumed washes that are designed to cover up a woman's natural scent, and you are 26 without any sexual experience, perhaps you've experienced the psychological manipulation of sex-shaming. That's just based on the bit you wrote about your situation though, so maybe I'm wrong and it's just something like dermatitis.
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    • December 28, 2014
    • 05:32 PM
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