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  • Posted By: Hopeful
  • April 30, 2007
  • 00:45 PM

Some sound advice required. I am female, 33 generally in good health.
2 weeks ago I awoke with an accute pain in my right side, I went to the doctor the next day as i had a nagging pain afterwards, they sent me to the hospital for possible ovarian cyst or appendix. Both were negative but there was trace blood in my urine and they said it was a kidney stone.

The pain persisted to a constant pain in my right side going around to back, almost like a stitch from running, also there is still the pain in my appendix region and also a pain just under rib cage on the same side, so i went back to the hospital, CT scan showed no kidney stone and bloods are normal, although still trace blood in urine. I do have on/off constipation and loose stools (very at times). THey have put off tests for another week so i am left wondering whats going on. Dr asked me had i the feeling of grit in my eyes, no idea why but i do every morning, painful at times. Also the urine is very green but the more water i drink it clears a bit through the day.

I am on anti-imflammitories and they are having no effect.

Any comments much appreciated.


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  • Have they checked your gallbladder and liver enzyme levels?DOM
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  • Hopeful...PLEASE go to www.ahummingbirdsguide.com right now...go to L side of home page to symptoms list, click at bottom of first paragraph is a link for summary of symptoms...Look at list...write down every symptom...no matter how trivial or unrelated it seems...my e-mail address is bentnoteblues@netscape.net if you want to e-mail private and not out in the open of this forum...Good luck sweetie and let me know how it goes...mommy cat
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  • Hi thanks for responding. No liver tests, nor gallgladder test to my knowledge, they seem ***l bent on it being kidney. could either of those cause blood in urine?
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  • kidneys...have you been to the hummingbird site yet??????
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  • found the site confusing, could kidneys be related? trace of blood in urine also?
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  • Please just go to symptoms...start there...urinary problems are very related...start at top of list write down sx see how many there are...I'm not sying this is what you have...just trying to help...If that site is too confusing search Myalgic Encephalomyelitis there may be sites that are set up in an easier arrangement...momma
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  • They need to check your gallbladder and liver function. In Chinese Medicine the grittiness in the eyes would be related to the liver. Gallbladder pain will also refer to the back kidney area. They should check this! I am not sure about the green urine, are you taking any medications, including any form of birth control? Best wishesDOM
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  • Momma, the reason that this interests me now is due to the fact that i had mono for a year 4 years ago and i KNOW there is a connection between the two, i will try and read that site again.
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  • acuann, yes on the birth control but the eye problem has been around only in the last couple of months. I dont have a need to pee or have discomfort from peeing which leads me to believe that it might not just be kidney given the pain under my rib which is just 'out of place'. Liver was enlarged when i had mono 3/4 years ago, could be a connection i guess.
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  • Honey, that's one of the reasons I'm trying to get so many people to look at this site, autoimmune, mono, lupus chronic fatigue...it's all so confusing...PLEASE e-mail me and let me know how many sx you have 1/3 1/2 2/3 or whatever...there are hundreds on this site...look around most have ME sx it is viral, contagious and can affect anyone, even children...........................Peace to you...mommy cat
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