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  • Posted By: endofmyrope
  • March 19, 2009
  • 09:32 AM

if there is anyone out there that knows a little about learning disabilities please...I need your help. I am sorry if this is a little long. Past I think is needed to see the LONG struggle my son has been through.
My son is 13, -though the fight with his school goes back to kindergarden! I
Kindergarden, I tried to get them to hold him back, because he was not ready for the 1st grade.....I was at the time told that in the state of KY it was illegal to hold him back!!!! Than I was timid and shy, so I let them pass him--He at that time could count to 10 in 2 languages, though counting to 100, the concept that 80 came after 79 blew his mind! He knew all the letters and sounds, though when the letters were combined, (like ST) he was lost. He could not put 2 letters together and tell you what sound they made.--Also he was reversing almost all of his letters and numbers, I asked for him to be tested for dyslexia, (I am dyslexic) I was told the school was "not allowed" to test for such things--HUH? as well the refusal to write was present, also, he hated to draw since I can remember, I always had crayons, though he very rarely would play with them.

1st. grade was a disaster, getting him to write anything was worse than pulling teeth--though if I would write for him he would rattle off the answers with ease (a math assignment we finished in 5 minutes, though same size assignment with him writing, took him nearly an hour!)--he was reversing numerous letters and numbers.--as well, he put letters there that was not in the pronunciation--He was than put in a "teeter class" for the next year which was half 1st graders and half 2ed graders.

1st-2ed grade, was even worse, he would come home in tears, because he was frusturated, he was unable to keep up. He was behind in math--I taught him to use his fingers, he was diciplined for this! resaulting in the equivlant of in school suspencion!!!!

I was lucky that year, I had taken him to a neurologest, which than refered him to be tested for ADD. He was diagnosed with ADD, mainly in the ability to focus. BUT even with the 15 page report from this test in his folder, he was getting punished for not having the ability to focus! His preformance in the class room was bad, he would not do assignments, he would put answers to make it look like he did it, though all the answers werent even related to the question. told me he was embarassed because he was unable to do the assignment, though could not put in to words.

School still refuses to test the child!

2ed-3rd grade was even worse, Mind you on the computer tests, he tested on most subjects above his level, so right there says he can do it, though he is struggling with simple instructions, like 3-4 steps--he would get confused on exactly what to do--I suggested to the school, maybe there was an issue with comprehencion--they said no, "he is just a behavior problem"! At that time they wrote up a reward program just for him, and I purchased Slim Jims, and other things because he liked them way more than lolli pops they commonly gave out. --He would break down here at home and state he didnt understand the work, and he could not write--so Talking to the school, I demanded he have assistance with writing--was told he would have a "scribe" to help him with work, basicly if there was alot of writing, someone would set with him he would talk, and they would write what he said. BUTwas rarely available to him, other than for the MAPS testing.......so in the classroom he is still struggling big time. (not to mention that he was put in to the equivlant of in school suspencion numerous times--A friend of mine was in his class and she told me that other children were acting out, and no dicipline was given, though My son did the same, and he was popped out the room like a piece of popcorn!)

3rd-4th same story.--though he is testing in some areas on a 5th grade level, when he clicks the answers on the computer. This year I demanded they test him further for learning disibilities, I expressed that maybe he could not do the work, not that he just wanted to be a pain in class. yet again I was told they were not allowed to test for learning disabilities, --I went to the board! and demanded he be tested- he was--get this -the answer I got was -"Your son has learning issues ...though I am not to sure what exactly they are!!!" I waited 3 months for that answer!

4th grade, same --UGH! he was doing more of the class work as he was suspoes to, though the writing-,is still a mess, and he still is not able to take basic instruction! than here at home-I tested the theory.-I started giving him a verbal list of 4 things at one time, and he would look at me all overwhelmed, saying ugh! please dont tell me things all at once, I cant remember all of it at one time!

5th grade, new school and all new surroundings--I so thought ok this is going to be an awesome year! said that to my child all summer, new school new teachers, wooo hooo this is going to be a great year!!!!! the year started off great! His new teachers, week one called me in for a confrence......and told me all the things I had been saying k-4th grade! they saw his struggle and he had issues that needed to be adressed--I thought omg! Im not crazy! ok he will get help now! --OH I was so wrong! His fidgeting was out of control, he could not focus, and these new teachers that saw the issues he had, fell in to the same pattern, just flip the boy out of the classroom, and not deal with it! They said they was going to find a way to get him tested in the beginning of the year, though it never happened! by feb, I called the board, because during the IEP meetings they would say well we will do this this and this--than nothing!!!!!!!!!!

6th grade Where we are now, he still has not been tested, I called the board, and he did get a little test for dyslexia, I spoke to a person at the school on January 23, he said as soon as he got the resaults, he would call me-he has yet to call me, I have left 20 or so messages, This year I have teachers saying they are just going to rip up his work, if he is not doing it propperly! He now gets inschool suspencion, if he does not respond with atleast an "OK" so far this year I would not be afraid to bet he has been in in school suspencion 50 or so days! He is diciplined for doing school work quietly! All year I have heard from his teacher, I can not get him to do anything, yet he was setting in reading class quietly doing math, and she tore his paper up, and a whole folder beacuse it was the wrong class,BUT let me tell you my son told me they was doing a writing assignment in reading (whole class) so he was thinking it was ok to do math in there too. was he right no! but there had to be another method to dealing with him, than ripping up his work.

OK My son is Brilliant! he can rattle off how many moons certian planets have, he is really good at science things, he is good at making money, raking leaves, and taking out trash and stuff like that, he will sit and read his game and skate mags, the boy loves to cook! even in his younger years, he could make anything out of leggos,
The best way to describe it, there is trouble getting thoughts out of his head in an organized mannor, he can tell you about what he is thinking, and it will make sence, but tell him to write it and he is lost, or ask him to describe a situation that just happened, and he is lost, he can not say this happened, than this happened and so on, his thoughts get jumbled, he is still reversing numbers the 2 6 5 are the main ones, and letters he is still reversing, though he reverses different ones different times, he spells words woth letters in it that arent in the sounding, like he was writing a friends name, logan, and he spelled it lokpan--he has flunked all spelling tests, even the ones I have helped him study for, might miss one or 2, next day he misses 7-all of them!

My heart breaks for my son, he is so smart, he could be a DR. if he wished, or a Lawyer, he is falling through the cracks of the system he is in though--My theory is that if he is tested for learning disabilities, the teachers can approach him differently, not that he needs an easy ride, just a little different direction, his teacher now is mad because she has to explaine things to him more, I dont think he can help it, I really dont want him labled, as anything LD, though I am afraid if things continue as they are, he will adventually drop out of school!

Most recient thing I got today, the teacher gave him a book to read, and she claims to me that he did not read it, I spoke to him about it, and he said he read it though because everyone was labled in the book as slave 1-slave 2-slave ect. he got confused on what one did what! poor boy was in tears, saying I tried, I really did! All my teacher did was yell at me and tell me I didnt read the book......so sad :(

I am writing a letter to make the school test him finally, I just need suggestions as what to test him for.

At the end of my rope :confused:

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  • :( shocking. I dont understand why you are still trying to deal with the school. Maybe you should take him to the doctors and get them to refer him to someone for an assessment. Many things can cause one not being able to write well. In my daughters case it was a sight issue which the eye doctor missed. All her stuff had to be scribed at school as she couldnt read it. It could be dyslexia... or it could be something entirely different affecting his ability to write and comprehend eg Asperger's which affects coordination some etc (but that has many other symptoms than what you said as well). best luck at finding someone to assess him.
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  • :confused:I am still dealing with the school, for 2 reasons, I dont have the money to get him diagnosed on my own, I have contacted many DR.'s and I am told it is hundreds to get such tests done, If I had the money, he would have been tested YEARS ago, and I took him to a therapist, that is covered on my ins. though they attempted to drug the boy to zombie mode! and refused all services when I refused to switch him from concerta (wich is working) to Ritilan.............:mad: Thank you for your suggestions, I have been told that if I put the disability in writing I think he needs to be tested for in writing and carbon copy it to the right people the school will test him. Fingers crossed and sending prayers ...I am just looking for more suggestions on specific disorders, because when I google Learning disorders I am overwhelmed on how many they are. Thanks again :o
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  • It's obvious that he has a learning disability,probably dyslexia.The school has been negligent in not testing him.Why don't you get a lawyer involved?Even without much money you could get Legal Aid to accept his case.The last thing a school district wants is bad publicity!
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  • Thank you very much, I will look in to that for sure if this last step does not work. Thank you for your thoughts :o
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