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  • Posted By: earl801
  • June 2, 2008
  • 05:31 PM

My brother returned from Iraq about six months ago and he'd been telling me that he was having trouble sleeping and having nightmares as well. So I encouraged him to get in to talk to someone. He went in and talked to someone about what he's been dealing with when he admitted to drinking alcohol on occasion to help him get to sleep and they diagnosed him with having alcohol dependency issues sending him to Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation (SARP) and forced him to attend AA meetings. That was all that was done to assist him and needless to say I am very frustrated and disappointed he was treated this way. What I am looking for are suggests on how I can 1) go about getting him the help he desperately needs and 2) what channels I can go through to file a grievance for the way this was handled? Thank you for your time and any suggestions/stories you have.

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  • I am so sorry to hear this! I don't know what channels to contact so I hope someone else will. However, AA certainly is NOT ALL your brother needs, but it seems that it still is a good idea to keep going until for now and until you find a better place...as long as it is not HURTING his recovery, he at least has a place though it does seems that that is not the only thing they should have suggested...... ALSO, even if you have to pay, find him a good psychiaritist....even outside the military medical system....he may need some medication to help him deal with his problems for a while....and though it takes time, many folks can be really helped with good intervention. My Mother-in-law (I know I can't compare her to your bother's story but) recently went through some pretty severe depression and was greatly helped with a combination of medications and talk therapy.....just to let you know it DOES help....it took a while for the meds to kick in....6 weeks to a few months, and medication had to be adjusted and changed to find the one that suited her best...but she is now doing so much better....this story is to just let you know that with this kind of care, someone can get better. I hope someone answers you....keep posting, surely someone else will have more answers for you....prayers for your brother, Joan
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  • NBC ran a story last week about returning vets dealing with the fact that they had killed another human being. One referred to it as "the elephant in the room that no one is talking about." It;s a must-see for anyone who has gone through this ***l: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24818399/
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  • Hi sorry ur bother is going through this. I can tell u somethings about it from experience. I was diagnosed with PTSD many years ago for different reasons than ur brother, some do turn to alcohol or substance abuse, luckly i didnt. Firstly meds can help but good counselling will play a big part in it, but unfortunately it takes a long long time for everything to click into place, it can & in my case took years, & still i would avoid triggers but i do have a better understanding of it now, that also is very important. The triggers can be the smallest things also, people, places, smells or someone saying something or doing something that will fire it all back at you, u can be okay one min then it hits u right between the eyes, its an awful thing & really the people about u need to understand what is happening, before it happens is best, because they will kind of play a part in it without realising, u can not snap anyone out of this, all one can really do is just be there & try to reasure them only if that is the right thing to do, sometimes its best just to be there & maybe say nothing at all, if he wants to talk let him talk, just listen.....this is very important ! If it is not handled right he could run away at this point (its like fight or flight) He will not have control of this. The adrenalin will be pumping.....The thing is really, its best that he does not take flight as u will not know whats happening & it wll be very worrying for u......ride it out with him.....it is totally mentally & physically exhausting as he will be reliving events. Eventually as he gets to understand what is happening he himself will play a big part in his own recovery, hopefully he will gain the self-awareness quickly to control it & understand what is happening but it can take a long time........years. Actually its now been about 2yrs or more since it last hit me which is good. I hope u find the help u need for ur brother sooner rather than later. Best wishes to u both :)
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