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Nagging feeling

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 23, 2007
  • 10:07 PM

I am a 37 year old woman. Mother of two. Non-smoker, was vegetarian for 10 years until I had kids. Generally healthy and active. I have had a nagging feeling in my stomach for many years. About 10 years ago, I finally went to a gastroentrologist and had a string of tests... endoscopic upper GI, barium tests, scans... plus tried many pills and prescriptions and nothing ever helped me. The feeling is that of a slightly nausious,empty feeling that never goes away, but definately feels worse when I am empty (morning). I have another upper GI scheduled to do next week to start this all over again. I have thought of many things, like the fact that I am an artist and was around some hazardous fumes at times, but have not been for the past 7 years since my children were born. I can eat anything.. do not get heartburn... nothing really makes it worse. This is why I gave up years ago. I mean I wasn't losing weight or anything and the next step was opening me up which just wasn't worth it to me. I have lived with it this long, so.... but now I have thrown up several mornings. I even thought perhaps I was pregnant again, but I am not.

Any thoughts on this coming from something other than my digestive system? I have no intestinal problems. I have always had a dry cough certain times of the year and it seems that there is sometimes a very "sticky" film on my throat (esophogus) that is hard to cough up. Could this be more of a respiratory thing and we are going in the wrong direction????? I have had this in every place I have lived, so I do not believe it to be an allergy produced feeling.... but maybe? Mold? I think sometimes the Dr believes I am making this up. After all the tests, it makes me feel like just giving up really. But honestly my personality isn't one to complain and I even have a high pain tolerance. Not looking for a diagnosis, just some direction...

must I just live this way?

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  • I have a similar feeling. I compare it to a punch in the stomach, but yes empty, nausea, very annoying. I also don't seem to notice a food that bothers it more. I can eat whatever i feel like. Tried eliminating things but avoiding certain foods didn't help either. I had an endoscopy and all the DR said is it was slightly irritated but nothing serious. Maybe we are just this way? i have given up figuring it out as well. But if you are throwing up now, you should find out what is behind this.You sure you aren't preggers? Don't always trust store tests!! It may be a false negative or too soon to tell!! Be sure before you take any tests!sue
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    • February 24, 2007
    • 01:30 AM
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  • No. I was sceduled for an upper GI this past week, but began to worry I was pregnant. I did blood work to be sure and they said negative so i am not! I don't know what has changed that now I throw up in the AM at times. I just feel so horrible i have to and then it's a little better afterwards, but I still feel it ALL day.. ALL the time. Maybe I should treat it like morning sickness and keep crackers by the bed so I can have one before I get vertical. Although one time it woke me up at 4AM and I had to throw up then. It's just hard. I have no other GI problems!! Never had heartburn or anything. Someone said Gall bladder... but why would I have the same symptoms years ago when I was a vegetarian if it was that?The thing is... now having two kids, I am trying to think of them and I want to take care of myself so I am around a long time. I suppose part of what is fueling me to figure this out, is that my Mom went misdiagnosed for too long and she had a rare disease which she passed away from 8 years ago. I don't want that to happen to me.I just wonder if I should be looking in another direction? Or maybe you are right Sue and it is just how my body will always be. confused!!!! Thanks for writing sue!
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    • February 24, 2007
    • 01:43 AM
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  • have you considered going to a good ear nose throat doc.?...it sounds like a possibility of sinus drainage and it would sit in your stomach at night ...just a thought.
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