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Mystery seizures - please help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 5, 2010
  • 00:59 PM

My son is 20 years old. He had a seizure when he was 6 and it was determined to be due to an electroyte imbalance after 3 days of a migraine with vomiting. He recovered quickly. After 13 years of great health, being very athletic with only occasional migraines and sinus troubles that we have chosen not to treat (and by the way he played soccer frequently but was not big with using his head to hit the ball) he had a grand mal, tonic clonic seizure just before he was to wake up in the morning on Thanksgiving day 2009. His girlfriend was sleeping next to him and alerted all of us. He had a classic post-ictal state but was able to walk to the gurney. He remembers becoming alert in the ambulance. After months of testing every part of his body and brain and finding nothing wrong other than slightly elevated lipase and ALT levels, he has been told he has no health concerns. He refused medication thinking it was a fluke. On March 30, 2010 he had another one, same morning sleep situation. Basically same post ictal state and this time he began Keppra 1000mg twice a day. Still feeling great and having no side effects from the med, he became more active by riding a bike everywhere and enjoying it, losing some extra weight he had put on since being in college after finishing high school and the sports involved. Then another seizure, same situation as the other 2. The neuro (we see one at UCLA) advised him to increase the Keppra to 1500mg twice a day. Still no side effects but yesterday was only one week past his most recent seizure and we are so paranoid of another one. He is keeping a really good attitude about the whole thing and has very close family with great support and is watched constantly which is somewhat annoying him but oh well. We are waiting for approval for a sleep study and ENT as those are the only things left to check. He has had 2 MRI's, EEG's, every type of bloodwork and abdominal ultrasounds, heart testing,etc. We have a hard time just accepting the symptom as a condition. That is the definition of epilepsy, 2 or more seizures. We think there has to be a reason and want to figure it out so we can fix this and make these seizures go away. Could it be a stage of sleep or sleep apnea (which his girlfriend says she has never seen him have breathing trouble in his sleep) or could it be the fact that he can't breathe out of his nose because of sinus problems or a slight bonk on the head he took while out hiking last October where he got slightly dizzy but was fine after? We are so confused. Any help or suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. By the way, drugs or alcohol are not a factor in this case.

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