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Mystery Ailment of Female Friend

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  • Posted By: forErica
  • October 12, 2010
  • 10:51 PM

OK someone I care about a lot has been complaining of pain in her ribs for some time now so I took what she has said about it and ran it through the WebMD Symptom Checker. What follows is everything she has told me about the issue.

Me: Where does it hurt exactly?

Her: like my rib area again, on both sides

Me: and the pain is near the outside by your ribs not deeper like inside your stomach?

Her: like all over from around the bottom of my ribs to the other side and in between
my like abdomen

Me: does it feel sore to the touch and does it hurt when taking a deep breath at all?

Her: it hurts if like, if i sit for too long and then stand up, i get a really sharp pinching pain kind of near the bottom of my stomach? and not sore to touch, a little in the middle

Her: when i stand up after sitting down in the same position for a while. usually when i have my knees like up if that makes sense. Like sitting in a chair and pulling ones knees up against their chest

the pain has never woken her up from sleep

it doesnt get worse when she coughs

it seems to begin at random and last as short as 10 seconds or up to half an hour

A history of diabetes in the family

There isnt any feeling of gas or bloating

pain on right side near bottom rib

sharp pain that pinches when bending over

sometimes aches, feels like spreading downward

sometimes hurts back

Me: Your medical history?

Her: uhm, besides regular stuff like getting sick, having strep like 4 times. The whole sores in my stomach thing, asthma, allergies, nothing else really that i can think of now. When i was born I was premature and my lungs weren't fully developed so I was in the ICU

Thats it, that is everything. I can ask her any other questions as well. After running all this through the Symptom Checker over at WebMD where I also posted this but have recieved no responses so far, it gave me around 20 possibles generally but after narrowing it down all I had left was anemia, diabetic ketoacidosis, and panic attacks. Ofcourse I dont want to rely on just that when I can also use the resource of so many intelligent people here so I am asking everyone and anyone to help me with what this might be, please?

I know she needs to go to the hospital for it but she has a fear of that and I'm trying to comfort and convince her by getting more knowledge on what theyll be doing beforehand or what she is facing. Again, I appreciate any and all help/suggestions, thank you all in advance.

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