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My wrist hurst every time i workout help..

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  • Posted By: djin12
  • December 16, 2006
  • 08:32 AM

:( every time i work out in the gym i feel pain in my wrist this started when i was at home doin some military press when i pull the barbell from the groun then suddenly my wrist was in so much pain i rested for several month and its already been 9 months since the incedent but it still hurts i have done my x-ray while ago its seems there has no fracture or dislocation help meanyone please...

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  • Hi... I have seen a rheumatologist for the same problem and he explained something that made sense. if you picked it up with your palm to the ceiling then you could have hyperextended it. This means you have extra flexibility in your wrist which though it sounds like a good thing, it's bad. Microfractures result, sometimes undetectable in normal x-rays. The best thing to do is to take ibuprofen (not tylenol) (but not forever!). Most importantly, be careful how you pick things up or if you carry things behind you, such as a laundry bad Santa style. Your palm should be facing down (really skip the whole santa move). Or when picking up a bag off the ground i.e. back pack or gym bag make sure to pick it up with your palm facing the inside of your body... basically don't let your wrist bend backward. Even if you are being extra cautious to not let it bend back "too much" your wrist doesn't know what too much is. It's overflexible.There is already some damage done, but you can prevent further damage by being aware of what you're doing.Also look at your calcium intake. Your bones could be deficient and that may be why they are not "healing" as quickly. Yogurt has more calcium than milk. Caffeine significantly cuts your calcium.Give it a rest! Ice it.. all of that good stuff. DOn't be an overachiever by trying to push yourself... obviously when your body is hurting you're doing something wrong.Also, what doctors have you gone to? U may want a 2nd or 3rd opinion and perhaps by a specialist.Hope that helps.
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    • January 4, 2007
    • 01:26 AM
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  • Had the same problem, I now tape my wrists before I exercise, this has helped tremendously. Also, have used elastic wrist wraps with success too. Anything to help take stress off the wrist.
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  • you may be experiencing signs and symptoms of nerve affectation, particularly the median nerve or commonly known as carpal tunnel syndrome.more often than not, it is due to excessive or repetitive stress on the tunnel where your nerve sits within your wrist area. median nerve is most commonly prone to stress on wrist movements especially prolonged extension of wrist.what you excperienced was acute symptoms that may call for immediate therapy or attention. You may use R.I.C.E. - Rest, Ice, Elevation and Elevation (above heart-level). If symptoms persists, rest and gliding exercises are essential within few days or week. But if it does not improve, it might be somewhat serious that may require a specialist.Just my 2 cents - I am an Occupational Therapist that usually treats hand conditions.
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  • I am an acupuncturist and have treated many patients with carpal tunnel, tendonitis, repetitive stress injuries. Acupuncture is very helpful for these problems. Please consider it. I also agree with the posting about how you are doing things. You need to give your wrists a rest. I used to work in a deli and was alway slicing and dicing things - got very weak and painful wrists. I was also a potter and would have problems with throwing on the wheel. Acupuncture has helped this tremendously, and I am now much more conscious of how I hold my wrists when doing a certain task. Best wishesDOM
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